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A broker’s partnership program: what is it, and how can you earn?

A partnership program is an online marketing tool. Its idea is to refer new clients to a broker and to get remunerated in return.

People chose to become partners because the broker is appealing to them: they like the platform, financial instruments and special offers. After all, to promote a product you really have to be interested in developing it, and understand the way it works.

A partnership program is not as cost-intensive or time-consuming resource. It is an additional source of income which may only take up a couple of hours a day.

Becoming an AMarkets’ Partner: Benefits and Possibilities

For 12 years in operation, partners from all over the world have earned $15 000 000 through this affiliate program.

There are 2 partnership patterns: Agent and Webmaster.

The way to earn for an Agent: method 1

The pattern of an agent’s income includes 3 stages:

  • A Partner refers a client who registers using the tools provided by the Company.
  • A client funds their account and starts trading.
  • The partner will receive their proceeds after the trades are closed by the client.

The bigger your client’s trade turnover is, the more you’ll earn as a partner.

The way to earn as an Agent: method 2

An agent may build up a 3-level partners network:

  • Level 1 is the partner him/herself.
  • Level 2 is the partners referred by you.
  • Level 3 is your partners’ partners.

You’ll get 15% of the proceeds from any 2nd level partners, and 5% from each 3rd level partner.

This way you’ll benefit from referring people who are not only long-established clients, but partners too.

The payout depends on 2 considerations: clients’ trade volume and account type:

Your will get certain amount of payouts when your clients trade 100 lots a month, and your payouts will become 50% larger when your clients start trading over 300 lots per month (please see the table above).

Please note: the most competitive type of account for start is ‘Fixed’.

Why is AMarkets the most comfortable platform for an agent?

  1. Detailed statistics about payouts for each client. The information is transparent.
  2. Wide range of referral tools.
  3. Daily payouts with no commission fee. The profit can be withdrawn into any payment system.
  4. Tools for money making in financial markets are always a trending product.

How much can you earn as an Agent?

Statistically, every month our partners earn 10% and more from the amount of their client’s deposit.

This means, if a client funds an account with $1000, you as a partner may earn $100.

Agent income is an easy start in an affiliate program. And you can do even better, as in addition you may also try yourself out as a Webmaster.

AMarkets’ Webmaster: what is it, and how does it work?

If you have a web-site, a forum, or a social media channel, there’s a new way of traffic monetization opening for you: being a webmaster.

Just like an agent, a webmaster also has two ways to make money on:

  • Qualified registrations.
  • Accounts funded.

These two ways are interrelated. Let’s have a closer view.

Making money on clients’ registration

Registration (also known as lead generation, CPL, cost per lead) is the first stage of referring a client.

There are 2 remuneration rate packages:


As you are just beginning and refer up to 10 clients per month, you are entitled to the ‘Start’ package with $5 per each qualified registration. Screening of a client may take up to 15 days.

As soon as your traffic starts referring 10 clients and more, your remuneration rates package will be changed to “Pro”: you will be earning $10 for each client, and the moderation period will be reduced to 10 days, with payout coming quicker.

Making money on clients’ funding accounts

After registration is complete, things are not over yet: you may earn from accounts funding as well, even much more than from registration.

Your income amount will depend on the amount of deposit made by your client:

Please note that the income shall be calculated according to the following formula:

All the account top-ups minus all withdrawals.

Let’s consider the Start package as an example. After a client funded USD 1000 and withdrew USD 500, only the remaining USD 500 will be used to calculate the remuneration amount, and the partner will get USD 100.

Please also note the additional requirement: after the client has undergone verification, they must carry out a certain turnover (see the Required Turnover column in the table above).

Please see the partnership details  as a Webmaster and become our partner. Our payouts are in US dollars, and our verification process is convenient and simple.

Having doubts what to become: a Webmaster or an Agent? The latter has yet another way of earning available:

Agents Rebate: what is it, and what’s the benefit of it?

Rebate is also known as cash back.

A trader normally spends a certain amount (as commission) to open a trade.

But when a trader was registered through a partner (yourself), you as an agent may brighten up your client’s experience and offer them a cash back in every trade (for instance, 20%).

Cash back is known to increase not only clients’ loyalty, but their active trading as well. As we remember, the more active a trader is, the more an agent will earn. So, it’s win-win for the both parties.

And here is an image to help you internalize your understanding of rebate model:

We have a flexible rebate system: you may set a single cash back percentage for all your clients, or alternatively – specific trader-based cash back.

How much will an Agent get from rebate?

Suppose, you referred 20 clients. Each trader made 5 lots totaling to 100 lots per month.

Your earning from this turnover will make:

By granting cash back, you will cover a part of a trader’s commission. With 20% rebate offered to your client, your proceeds would have made:

We can see that your income now seems to be 20% less (minus the percentage of rebate). But because your clients got financial support from you, their turnover will now have increased from 100 lots to 150 lots. Let’s calculate how much you’ll earn now:

Ta da! Your income is now 20% larger as compared to the initial one. That is why rebate system is beneficial, convenient and, most importantly – transparent. The both parties are motivated and are net positive.

You are welcome to review the details of cash back service on this page. If you are interested in the offer, please send us the e-mail at to activate rebate service.


Online trading is truly astonishing. On one hand, you may enjoy stock, paper currency and cryptocurrency trading, as well as metals and indices trading. On the other hand, you may as well become an online-marketing specialist and promote our products.

Play around and try yourself as a trader, as an agent, and as a webmaster. After all, the main skill these days is a skill to learn quickly and to implement the received knowledge off the bat, in our case – to monetize it.

So, good luck with your efforts!