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AMarkets’ Affiliate Programs

AMarkets’ Affiliate Programs

AMarkets offers unique and lucrative partnership programs, providing high-profit, and
risk-free opportunities to earn in the financial markets.


Stable commission based on referred clients’ trading volume

A Partner registers his clients using different tools provided by the Company
Сlients fund their accounts and start trading
The following day, when trades are closed, the Company pays commission based on clients’ trading volume and the Partner’s remuneration rates
High remuneration rates
Comprehensive and clear reports and statistics
Diverse marketing tools and reliable referral system
Daily payouts in US dollars, with unlimited withdrawals
100% income to partner with no withdrawal fees
Vast choice of payment systems
Simple and fast verification process
Great and easy-to-sell products

AMarkets offers unique and lucrative partnership programs, providing high-profit,
and risk-free opportunities to earn in financial markets.

Partner Level 1


100% remuneration

1st level partner’s clients

Level 1 partner receives 100% remuneration from referred clients’ trading volume + 15% of 2nd level partner’s remuneration + 5% of 3rd level partner’s reward

Partner Level 2


100% remuneration

2nd level partner’s clients

Level 2 partner receives 100% remuneration from referred clients’ trades + 15% of 3rd level partner’s remuneration

Partner Level 3


100% remuneration

3rd level partner’s clients

Level 3 partner receives 100% remuneration from referred clients’ trades

Active Partner can make from 5%
of the referred client’s current balance monthly.

How to make a choice?



This offer is suitable for more competent partners, e.g: educational centres, individual
consultants, traders, money managers, trading strategists and systems developers.



The Partner should refer at least 3 active clients for account activation and access to
his remuneration.



This model is more suitable for partnership in the long-term.

Remuneration Rates

Personally Referred Clients

Package Trading volume New clients Types of client accounts and instruments
Fixed Standard, Crypto ECN, CFD 1
Silver up to 100 lots $10 / lot $6 / lot $2 / lot
Gold from 100 to 300 lots 3 new clients $12.5 / lot $7.5 / lot $2.5 / lot
Platinum from 300 lots 5 new clients $15 / lot $9 / lot $3 / lot


  • Remuneration for personally referred clients is calculated as follows: remuneration rate * trading volume
  • 1 Remuneration is not paid for trading Stock CFD instruments

Multi-level Remuneration

Second Level Third Level
15% of partner’s remuneration 5% of partner’s remuneration
  • Motivation of the partner is progressive and depends on the total volume within the current month. In the event
    where required trading volume level is exceeded, the Partner’s remuneration rate is upgraded to the appropriate
    package for the whole period of the following month.

Terms and conditions for driving affiliate traffic

  1. Brand advertising
  2. Clickunder / Popunder
  3. Doorways
  4. Motivated traffic
  5. Adult traffic
  6. Auto-redirect
  7. Pop-ups
  8. Emails and texts on behalf of the company and/or mentioning the brand.

Dear partners, please note that traffic from the following countries is not accepted or paid for.

Our Partners earn up to 60% of the Company’s income. We’ve been making fair and steady
payouts every day since 2007! Join our successful Partners right now!