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Unsubscribing your investment from the strategy

You can unsubscribe your Investment from the Strategy at any time. When an investment is being unsubscribed, all its open positions are closed at the current market prices. The Trader’s fee is calculated and paid. After that, the money from your Investment is transferred to your payment account.

If an Investor unsubscribes from a Strategy that has open positions on currently non-tradable instruments
(i.e., during the weekend, or holiday), these positions will be closed at current market prices once trading is resumed.
Only then will the Investment be actually unsubscribed from the Strategy.

The closure of active positions of an investment is performed at market prices at the time of investment liquidation. The actual investment amount, calculated at current prices at the time of closing, may slightly differ from the amount displayed on the website. The reason is that the latter is based on indicative quotes received when you refresh the page.

You can re-activate your Investment in the same Strategy. Go to the Copy Trading service, to the “My Accounts” – “Investments” section, and click “Activate”.

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