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What is a promotional offer?

You can create one or multiple promotional offers for your Strategy, enticing potential investors with special discounts on performance fee payments. Each promotional offer links a unique promotional code to a performance fee that Investors must pay, providing them with more favorable commission terms than the default offer.

To create a promotional offer:

  1. Go to “Copy Trading” → “My Accounts”.
  2. Select your Strategy and navigate to the “Settings” section by clicking on the corresponding icon next to your Master account.
  3. In the Promo Offers subsection, click “Add new offer”.
  4. Enter the promo name and code (which can be a combination of letters and/or numbers), and set up the fee plan for this offer.

Once configured, the promotional offer will be displayed to investors when they enter the promotional code during the subscription process. You can modify or delete a customized promotional offer at any time by selecting the appropriate option.

Screenshot_1 what is promo

Screenshot_2 what is promo

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