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Withdraw your affiliate reward and get 2% more

July 31, 2023

Dear Partners,

We have yet another amazing offer that will allow you to increase your affiliate reward by 2%. Withdraw your affiliate income to the Neteller wallet, and we will not only cover your withdrawal fees but we’ll also pay you an additional 2% of the withdrawal amount. This offer applies to each remuneration withdrawal over 500 USD.

Let’s say you earned $10,000 with AMarkets’ affiliate program and want to withdraw it to your Neteller e-wallet. As promised, we’ll add 2% to this amount, which brings your total remuneration to $10,200. Take advantage of this great opportunity to maximize your income.

Also, you don’t need to verify your identity or payment documents when withdrawing to an e-wallet.

Make the most of your withdrawals with AMarkets and earn even more!