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How to fund your AMarkets account with BTC

July 22, 2024

1. Go to the website or your Personal area and select the desired cryptocurrency to make a deposit: Bitcoin.

2. In your Personal area, fill out a deposit form and indicate the cryptocurrency you would like to use to fund your account (for example, Bitcoin).

3. Check if the information is correct and click “Deposit”.

4. Make sure that the deposit amount is correct and confirm the transaction by clicking the “Confirm” button. You will be redirected to the payment page.

Please note that you must complete the payment within 15 minutes after clicking the “Confirm” button: the exchange rate will be fixed for this time. If the payment is made after 15 minutes, your account will be replenished at the payment system’s current exchange rate.

Copy the crypto address generated by the payment system to make a payment. This is a unique crypto address that can be used only once. We recommend that you do not close this tab. To make another deposit, you will have to initiate the payment process again in your Personal area.

Transfer the funds from your wallet to the wallet number specified on the payment page to complete the transaction. After the transfer is made, go to the payment window and click “I have paid”.

After that, a notification that your transaction has been successful will appear, and your AMarkets account will be credited for the amount indicated in the deposit form. It is important to ensure that the transfer amount in cryptocurrency corresponds to the amount indicated on the payment page.