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Rollover on Nikkei225 9 March 2021

March 25, 2021


Delivery date for the Nikkei225 instrument has been changed today. Clients who have open positions will be credited or debited with the appropriate amount of swap points:
— Nikkei225 190 swap points for a long position; -190 swap points for a short position.

Dear clients!

At the end of today’s trading session, delivery dates for the underlying assets of the following instruments will be changed: Nikkei225. The price for these instruments will be adjusted using swap points:

– Nikkei225 approx. -190 index points

It means that if nothing unexpected happens between today’s closing and tomorrow’s opening, the opening price for these instruments will be changed by the corresponding amount of swap points relative to the closing price. The exact value of swap points will be determined when trading on the instrument is closed.

Clients with limit and stop orders close to current prices are kindly requested to adjust their positions and pending orders accordingly.