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Regulations on non-trading operations

1. General provisions

1.1 These Regulations on non-trading operations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) have been developed within the framework of international cooperation measures aimed at combating financial misconduct, detecting and preventing violations of law, and establishes the procedure for performing non-trading operations on the Client account with AMarkets LLC (the “Company”).

1.2 The Regulations are an integral part of any agreement concluded between the Company and the Client.

1.3 Non-trading operation – any operation performed by the Client, involving depositing of funds into the Client account, withdrawal of funds from the Client account or internal transfer of funds between the accounts in the Client’s Personal Area.

1.4 The Client is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments made by them. If the Company’s bank details change the Client will bear full responsibility for payments made to the obsolete details.

1.5 The Company shall not be held responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of client funds transferred by the Client to the details other than those published in the Personal Area on the Company’s website.

2. Trading account

2.1 To carry out currency exchange transactions in financial markets, the Client deposits their trading account.

2.2 To keep a record of funds deposited by the Client and ensure settlement of trades, as well as to keep track of trade history and financial results, the Company opens a trading account in the name of the Client in the Company’s accounting system.

2.3 The Client’s funds are virtually kept in the Company’s bank accounts, provided however that the Company neither accrues nor pays interest on the Client’s funds.

2.4 Request to open a trading account is made by the Client in the Personal Area on the Company’s website in the relevant section. At the time of opening a trading account, the Client is provided with unique access codes to the trading platform.

2.5 Individual access codes are used for the purposes of identifying the Client when carrying out transactions. The password can be changed at any time at the request of any Party. If the password change is initiated by the Company, the Client shall be sent a notification to the e-mail address specified by the Client as contact information.

2.6 Carrying out currency exchange transactions is possible from the moment the funds in the amount necessary for conducting transactions are credited to the trading account.

2.7 The Client’s financial results (profit and loss) on performed currency exchange transactions are reflected in the trading account at the moment of closing the position for each individual currency pair. Calculation of financial results is carried out in the manner prescribed by these Regulations.

2.8 The Company has the right to close a trading account in the event that the Client does not perform any transactions in the account for a period of 12 (twelve) consecutive months, and there are no funds in the account.

2.9 The Company does not charge inactivity fees.

2.10 The Company reserves the right to close the Client’s trading account and refuse service at any time. In doing so, the Company will endeavor to notify the Client of the account closure by all communication methods available.

2.11 In the event that balance in the Client’s trading account is less than $0.01, it shall be deducted from the trading account.

2.12 The Client can have up to 10 (ten) active trading accounts, including strategies in the Copy Trading service. When the limit of 10 accounts is reached, the Client will have to archive one of the existing accounts to open a new account.

3. Terms and procedure for transferring funds to/from a trading account

3.1 Trading accounts are maintained in U.S. dollars and in euros.

3.1.1 If the trading account has been funded in another currency, other than the trading account base currency, it will be converted either at the Company’s internal rate at the time of transfer, or at the rate of the payment agent through which the payment is made, or at the rate of the payment institution where the Client holds an account and from which the money transfer is made. The Company’s current internal conversion rate is displayed in the Personal Area.

3.1.2 If the withdrawal of funds from a trading account is made in another currency, other than the trading account base currency, it will be converted either at the Company’s internal rate at the time of transfer, or at the rate of the payment agent through which the payment is made, or at the rate of the payment institution where the Client holds an account and from which the money transfer is made. The Company’s current internal conversion rate is displayed in the Personal Area.

3.2 Funds deposits to a trading account and funds withdrawals from a trading account are only performed via the deposit and withdrawal methods available in Personal Area. Commission fees, as well as other charges for each deposit and withdrawal method, are published in Personal Area and on the Company’s Website and may occasionally be changed by the Company.

3.3 The Company compensates the Client for the deposit commission incurred when funding their trading account, excluding commissions incurred due to using credit funds or breaching standard conditions of the payment system/method used to deposit funds. If there has been no trading activity on the account or if trading turnover has been insufficient (for instance, when depositing USDT, the minimum trading volume required to retain the compensated commission is calculated using the formula: total deposits over 60 days * 0.5% / 32), the Company reserves the right to deduct the previously compensated deposit commission from the Client’s account. Only transactions exceeding 2 minutes are considered when calculating the trading turnover.

3.4 Requests for non-trading operations such as deposit requests, withdrawal requests and internal funds transfer requests shall be submitted by the Client in the Personal Area and shall be considered as accepted by the Company if they are displayed in the “Transaction History” section of Personal Area and in the Company’s record keeping system.

3.5 Funds transferred by the Client to their trading account shall be credited no later than the next business day from the receipt date to the Company’s account if all data required to identify the payment are presented in the payment document.

3.6 The Client accepts that in the event of software failure of third-party banks and payment systems, transfer delays may occur.

3.7 The Company undertakes to ensure funds transfer to the Client’s trading account in the event of any software malfunction leading to the delay in the automatic funds’ transfer, provided the Client has informed the Company of such delay.

3.8 The account details used for depositing funds to AMarkets must correspond to the information in the Client’s Personal Area on the Company’s website. This information includes, but is not limited to, the first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Third-party deposits are prohibited. If a Client deposits funds using third-party details, the deposit will be refunded and commission fee will be deducted for processing the refund. If the Client continues to make third-party deposits, the Company reserves the right to suspend provision of services to the Client.

3.9 Fund withdrawals must be made using the same payment method that was used to deposit funds into the trading account/wallet.

3.9.1 If the trading account has been replenished using different payment methods, the withdrawal should be made proportionally.

3.9.2 If a trading account was funded using a payment method not listed among the available withdrawal methods, a one-time withdrawal of funds may be processed using any verified payment system.

3.9.3 Fund withdrawals must be made in the same currency the Client’s wallet/trading account was originally funded with.

3.9.4 The Сlient has the right to withdraw funds from a trading account/wallet provided the Client has completed identity verification and verified their payment methods (both deposit and withdrawal).

3.10 Requests for Client funds transfer are processed within the time limits, set for each payment system, however, in some cases transfer time may be increased up to five (5) business days.

3.11 The amount of a requested funds transfer should not exceed the available trading account balance after the deduction of payment system fees held by the Company for making a money transfer. The calculation of free equity is done automatically in real time, taking into account current loss for open positions and the amount necessary to hold open positions. In case of withdrawal via bank transfer the commission is withheld from the transferred amount.

3.12 If the funds haven’t been transferred to/from the trading account, the Client has the right to send a request to the Company using the feedback form on the Company’s website to identify the reasons. The Company shall be obliged to handle the request within one working day from the date of receipt.

3.13 The Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel remuneration or bonus payments to the Client, as well as to exclude the Client from participation in promotions in case of suspicion of fraud or abuse of the Company’s advertising campaigns conditions. Promotions terms and conditions may be amended, the information on the changes will be immediately published on the Company’s website.

3.14 In order to ensure security, the Company reserves the right to ask the Client to provide the proof of identity, as well as the document confirming account ownership in the payment system.

3.15 Withdrawal of affiliate rewards to bank cards is only permitted for verified Clients, requiring successful completion of both identity and bank card verification procedures. Withdrawal of affiliate rewards to electronic and crypto wallets does not require verification of either the Client’s identity or payment method. Affiliate rewards invested into trading activity are considered deposits. Therefore, subsequent withdrawal of such funds will require successful completion of both identity and payment method verification.

3.16 Clients may withdraw their profits according to the following rules:

  1. Bank Cards and Electronic Payment Systems: No restrictions apply to the amount of profits withdrawn using these methods.
  2. Crypto Wallets: Profits can only be withdrawn to crypto wallets if the initial deposit was also made using cryptocurrency. In cases where multiple deposit methods were used, including cryptocurrency, the percentage of the total deposit made in cryptocurrency will determine the proportional allocation of profits withdrawn to a crypto wallet. For example, if a Client deposits $100 via bank card and another $100 via cryptocurrency, then 50% of the profits can be withdrawn to the crypto wallet and the remaining 50% to the bank card.
  3. Deposit Method and Withdrawal Allocation in Case of Loss: If trading activity on a specific deposit results in a loss, that deposit method will not be considered when allocating profits for withdrawal.

3.17 Replenishment of a trading account in cryptocurrency is carried out strictly in accordance with the payment details specified in the deposit request. If a payment was sent in a different cryptocurrency, network, or token, the commission fee for the funds recovery (if possible) will be automatically deducted from the deposit amount. Please be aware that recovery of misdirected cryptocurrency deposits can take up to 60 days.
Date of Last Revision 23/07/2024
AMarkets LLC registered in the Cook Islands with registration number LLC14486/2023