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Regulations for obtaining Gold Status

Each company client is eligible to obtain Gold status and access additional privileges from AMarkets.

The conditions for obtaining Gold status are listed below.

Terms and Definitions

  • Balance — the amount of funds in the account, excluding floating profit/loss of all open positions.
  • Equity — balance plus or minus any floating profit or loss on open operations.
  • Volume — the total trading turnover on all positions opened and closed in a specific period of time, expressed in lots. For example, if a trader opens and closes 10 lots on the first trading day, and trades another 15 lots on the second day, then the trading volume for two days will be 25 lots.
  • Gold status verification date — 90th day after the receipt or last renewal of Gold status.


Conditions for the initial acquisition of Gold status

The initial Gold status is granted automatically after a client fulfills two following conditions:

  1. The account equity is equal to or exceeds $20,000/€20,000;
  2. The total volume of all client’s transactions with AMarkets is at least 150 lots*.

To ensure that the status is granted in a timely manner, the system checks the client’s equity and trading volume daily (once a day). Upon reaching the Gold status, the client will receive a notification in his Personal area, by email and push message.

Gold status is granted for 90 days and provides the client access to the privileges.

Requirements for Gold status

Balance $20,000/€20,000
Trading volume 150 lots*
Duration 90 days
Status cancellation If in the last 90 days after obtaining Gold status, the trading volume is less than 100 lots* and/or the account balance is less than $20,000/€20,000 at the time of status verification.


Conditions for maintaining Gold status

To maintain the Gold status, the client must, within 90 days from the date of its receipt:

  1. Complete a trading turnover of 100 lots*
  2. The account equity must be at least $20,000/€20,000 at the time of verification.

If the client meets both conditions, the Gold status will be extended for the next 90 days.

If one or both of these conditions aren’t met, the client loses the privileges of Gold status. To reclaim Gold status, the client must fulfill the conditions as mentioned above, namely, achieve a trading volume of 100 lots and have an account balance of at least $20,000/€20,000.

*The calculation of a trading volume includes the following instruments:

  1. Currency pairs (FX), metals and commodities.
  2. Indices in a 20:1 ratio, where 20 lots on any index are equal to one lot on currency pairs or metals.

**Trading and credit bonuses are not included in the equity calculation.
Date of Last Revision 23/02/2024
AMarkets LLC registered in the Cook Islands with registration number LLC14486/2023