2 Sides Stoch

Stochastic has a preset overbought and oversold levels, which are serving as signals to buy or sell. When major indicator’s line crosses one of them, EA shall receive a trade signal.n

nIt is considered, that the price cannot move in the same direction forever, therefore, when Stochastic’s line have crosses one of the levels,nwe can safely assume that the market is about to reverse. However, we never know when it will happened exactly. For this reason, 2Sides_Stoch uses Martingale’s approach to ensure the position maintaining according to the signal and to keep position opening price at the appropriate level by averaging/sizing up in case of temporary continuation of the current trend. n

nMoreover, this EA has built-in order filter, that helps it to identify orders, which were placed manually and which were placed by the EA “it’s own”. Importantly, some of the orders, that are matching trading parameters programmed in the EA, will be considered as “its own” by the EA. That may help to recover all possible losing trades, opened by the trader, as EA will manage them as well using the same working principle.n

nThe amount of BUY and SELL orders is displayed in the INFO section and it’s show how many orders EA will consider as “its own”. nTherefore, it one of the orders got executed, it is due to one of the following reasons:
n1. The number of pending orders was 0 and EA has executed an order based on the Stochastic signal. ;
n2. The number of orders placed in the same direction was greater than o and EA has executed an order on the preset distance “Step” from the last opened order in the same direction.