MultiTerminal MetaTrader 4

What is the advantage of MultiTerminal?

MultiTerminal is intended for simultaneous management of multiple accounts. It allows placing all types of orders in all accounts with a single mouse click.

Can I connect to accounts opened with different companies?

No, MultiTerminal is linked to the accounts of only one company. For simultaneous trading, accounts must be registered with the same server.

How to connect all accounts at the same time?

Choose “File – Connect all”.

How can I disconnect all accounts at the same time?

Choose “File – Disconnect all accounts”.

How many accounts can I connect at the same time?

You can run up to 128 real accounts and 10 demo accounts.

How can I add a new account to the MultiTerminal?

Choose “File – New account” and enter the account login and password.

Where can I download MultiTerminal?

Download MultiTerminal from the AMarkets website, “Trading Platforms” section at this link: https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/amarkets.ltd/mt4/amarkets4multisetup.exe” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>по ссылке.

How to set up a connection through a proxy server?

Connecting through a proxy server may interfere with the connection to the trading server. To connect, set “Enable proxy server” checkbox in the “Settings” – Server” menu. In the event of a problem, contact your system administrator or service provider.

Does MultiTerminal support expert advisors and indicators?

No, only manual trading is available.

How to place a new order for all accounts?

Positions in the MultiTerminal can be opened using “New order” or “Pending order” tab. Also, new orders can be opened using “Market Watch” tab, just double click the instrument you want to trade.

How to open a new order for one or several accounts?

In “New order” or “Pending order” tabs choose the accounts you don’t want to trade by unchecking the box, to the left of each account.

How to close an order in one or several accounts?

If you want to keep your orders in one or several accounts when closing a trade, uncheck the box to the left of these accounts in “Close” tab.
To close a trade, you can also click the “Close” button in the account line itself, not at the top of the tab.

How to close counter positions?

Counter positions can be closed using “Close By” tab. If you don’t want to close a counter position for particular account, uncheck the box with this account.

What will happen after the counter positions are closed?

If the volume of counter positions was equal, then there won’t be any open positions for the instrument.
If the volume of positions was different, the position with a larger volume will remain open. The volume of the remaining position will be equal to the difference between the volumes of counter positions.

How to distribute the total trade volume among several accounts?

When placing a new order, open “Lots allocation” menu and select the type.

What are the types of volume distribution among accounts?

Predefined volume — when placing an order you will need to specify the lots amount for each order. Define the volume for each account by double clicking “Volume”, then press «Enter». Later this predefined volume will apply for each position.
1. Total volume for each order — the total volume will be used at placing of every order.
2. Equal parts — the total volume will be allocated in equal parts among all orders.
3. On equity ratio — the total volume will be allocated among the orders based on the equity percentage in accounts.
4. On free margin ratio — the total volume will be allocated among the orders based on the percentage of free funds in accounts.