Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

All questions are structured by topics.
If you haven't found the answer to your question you can always call us at +442036039364, or email us.

Live Account

How can I start trading on Forex?

In order to start trading on Forex, you need to open Live trading account and download MetaTrader 4 trading platform from our website.

How can I open a trading account?

You can open  Live Account  in the section "Trading".
If you have already opened a demo account, you need to log in and get the authorization in your personal area.
You will be asked to register a trading account in your personal area. Open a trading account by filling out online application form. You’ll get your login and a password afterwards.

What is are username and password for? Where are they entered?

After registering for a trading account, you will receive an email with username (trading account number) and a corresponding password. Username and password are needed to enter into trading platform. After installing the trading platform from our website, a window will open on its initial launch, in which you have to enter the username and password. After that, from the After that, from the “server” list, select, AMarkets-Real.

What is the minimum account?

Minimum account is $100.

How much money is needed for a minimal trade?

To open a minimum lot (0.01) trade, you need $2-3, however, for some currency pairs and for other instruments, more funds will be needed depending on the maximum leverage available on the account and instrument (you can use the online trader’s calculator for calculations at this link).

What investor's password for?

The investor's password is used to simplify the interaction between the trader and the investor. The investor can deposit funds and supervise trader's work. It is absolutely logical that the investor, who has provided money, can log in to the personal area and check the results of trading. It is not necessary for the investor to download the trading platform, since he or she can supervise trading through the website. Investor’s password allows you to log into account, observe transactions, but does not allow to place trades.

What is phone password?

The phone password is requested by the company’s employees when carrying out the client’s orders by phone, as well as during the change of the main password. You are advised not to tell this password to anyone.

I forgot the trading account password. What can I do?

If you want to change the active password to trading account, in your AMarkets personal account, you should select the tab “Trading” - “My Account” - next to the desired account, select “ Options” - “ Forgot password”. After this, you will receive a new password in your email. If you have difficulties with the password recovery on your own, you will have to contact the personal manager at In the email, indicate full name and account number to which you need to recover the password. After receiving the password, log into the trading platform and set a password that is convenient for you. Also, you can watch the video tutorial in the Education section - Video tutorials for personal account.

Can I open several trading accounts?

In our company, you can open several accounts; for this, in the personal account, you have to select the section “Trading” - “ Open trading account”. Also, you can watch the video tutorial in the Education section - Video tutorials for personal account.

Demo account

How do I open a demo-account?

To open a demo-account, click on “Free Demo” on upper left side on the main page, and do a simple registration. After that, you will receive a username and password to log into trading platform. If you already have access to personal account, then you have to go to tab “Trading - Open demo-account”.

Where do I use the username and password?

The username and password are to be entered into trading platform. After downloading the trading platform from our website, a window will open on its initial launch, in which you have to enter the username and password received after opening demo-account.After that, in the “server” list, select, AMarkets-Demo.

What’s the difference between Demo and Live Account?

Demo account allows you to trade on the FOREX market  risk free.  That’s the only difference between Demo and Live Accounts.

I have forgotten my password.What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please email your personal manager or send us an email to: with the password reset request. Please Indicate your name and account number in email. After receiving the password, log in to your trading platform to create permanent password

Is there any difference between Demo and Live accounts quote flow?

All quotes in demo version match exactly the quotes in Live account.

How long can I use my Demo Account?

You have 30 days to make virtual trades risk-free!

Personal Account Area

How do I register in personal account?

To register in personal account, click on “Personal Account” in the upper part on the main page. Then fill in the registration form. After registering, you will receive two messages in the email provided:
-Registration for trading / demo account
-Registration in personal account

Why do I need Personal Account Area?

Your account area is a virtual office with a unique combination of services for managing your accounts, deposit and withdraw funds .   Also, it contains all necessary legal documents, instructions and additional educational materials on global financial markets.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You’ll find a link  "Forgot your password?" on the page Manage My Account. Enter your e-mail, then click on the button and you will receive a new password.

Deposits and Withdrawals

How Can I Fund My Account?

You can deposit funds by:
Bank Wire
Using Debit/Credit Card
Or via any Electronic Payment System supported by our company
More information about depositing funds, you can find here.

How can I find out that funds were transferred to my trading account?

You can check your account balance in your account area or in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

I've deposited funds but they never reached my account.

Please email all the payment details to our Customer Support: Indicate: • Trading Account • Type of depositing • Date of depositing • Amount of transaction. We will answer you within one business day. You can contact your personal manager as well.

I have some money on my trading account. Will it be added to the newly transferred funds?

The funds remain in your trading account, even if this amount is not enough to open new positions. Funds may be withdrawn by you at any time. All newly transferred funds will be added to an existing balance.

Can funds be transferred/withdrawn from a third party to my trading account with AMarkets?

Regardless of the funding method you choose, the name of the person transferring funds must always match the name of the client’s trading account at AMarkets. AMarkets does not accept funds for any trading account by a third party, as per Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Are there fees for funding/withdrawals?

No, AMarkets does not charge any fee for funding/withdrawing your funds.

How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

It's fast and easy to withdraw funds from your trading account. For your convenience, withdrawal requests are submitted online.You can send a request for withdrawal at any time.
To withdraw funds, please log into your account area and click "Withdraw Funds". A withdrawal request can be submitted online by selecting your withdrawal method and clicking "Submit". Withdrawal requests are processed within two business days. The speed of the transaction depends on the payment system that you use. Electronic Payment System payments are processed instantly, bank wire can take up to 5 business days depending on the bank.

Can I withdraw money from my account if I have open positions?

You can withdraw available funds just make sure that you have enough money for it. Please pay attention that your current positions can be closed because of insufficient money on your account.

I made a request for withdrawal but still haven't got any money. What should I do? 

1. Make sure that it has been 3 to 5 business days.
2. Check your request history in Manage my account. If your request hasn't been approved you will get a notification from Finance Department.
3. If you don't get any notification email us on with as detailed information as possible, including your trading account number.
4. Wait for response. Our team will contact you within 1 business day.

How often can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

You can withdraw funds from your trading account as many time as you like. No restrictions.

What’s the minimum amount for withdrawing from my trading account?

There are no limits for minimum withdrawal amount.
Just make sure that you have enough money on your trading account.

Trading Platform

Which trading platform do you offer clients?

Our company offers its clients the most reliable and the most popular trading platform in the world, MetaTrader 4. We also offer unique access to the trade copying service, “Mirror Trader”, and to the algorithmic and automated trading, “RoboX”.

Where can I download the trading platform?

You can download the trading platform from the “Trading” - “ Platform MetaTrader 4” - “Platform description / Download” section.

I can’t download the trading platform from your site, what should I do?

If you can’t download the trading platform from our site, please contact our Customer Support, or send an email with a request to send the installation file. .

Is it safe to trade via MetaTrader 4 trading platform?

All trades are strictly confidential and 100% safe and secure. For safety, all information transmitted between our servers and a trading platform is specially encoded.

How can I view my account history?

You can review your history of completed trades at any time. Click “Trading platform”, then select "View" ,then "Platform" and choose "Account History".


Leverage is the possibility to trade in international financial markets with an amount up to 500 times more than your own funds. This means that with $5000 in account, you can place orders up to $ 2 500 000. At the same time, despite the use of borrowed capital, in case of a losing trade, you can not lose more money than you deposited. This is followed in our company by the dealer. What is the attractiveness of using leverage? Here is a simple example: You have $ 5000 on your account. You use a leverage of 1: 100 (max 1: 500) and buy 500,000 units of the USD / JPY pair. Option 1. The rate of USD / JPY during the day increased by 1%, and you get a profit of $ 5000, that is, double your deposit. Option 2. The rate of USD / JPY fell by 1% per day, and you get a loss of $ 5000, that is, you lose your deposit. Conclusion: leverage is huge financial power! Using leverage, you can quickly increase your capital, or you can lose it.

How do I change Leverage size?

When registering a trading account, the maximum available leverage is automatically assigned.
If, after registering an account, you want to change the amount of the indicated leverage, then you must apply for a change of the leverage in your account in the "Trading" - "Leverage change" section.

Why wasn’t my pending order executed to buy EUR / USD at 1.41200, because the minimum price on the chart fell to 1.41190?

The thing is that on the chart in the trading platform, you see the selling price (Bid), and the buy order is executed at the buying price (Ask), which is greater than the selling price by the spread amount. Given that the average spread on EUR / USD is 1.3 points, your order will be executed when the chart reaches the mark of 1.41187.
In order to set the Ask price line on the chart, you should:
- select "Charts", then "Properties" in the main menu of the trading terminal;
- select the "General" tab and check box "Show Ask line" in the window that opens.

Where can I get acquainted with the main terms in the international financial markets?

You can get acquainted with the terminology in the special Dictionary on our website at this link.

Why different brokers sometimes show different quotes.Why?

There is no single platform where all brokers can perform their operations. The lack of common platform leads to the absence of one price. The differences in quotes can not be great. Minor differences may occur due to the fact that quotations are offered by various banks.

Are you hedging your trades?

Yes we are. We utilize advanced technology to aggregate market liquidity, robust trading platforms and direct order routing mechanism, which also known as an STP. You can find our current liquidity providers on our website.


Why is it profitable to trade CFD with AMarkets?

1. Absence of swaps.
2. More than 200 different contracts for differences: indices, bonds, metals, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, investment portfolios in MetaTrader 4.
3. Low commission and expiration of futures contracts without forcible closing of positions.

What is the basis for CFD?

For the CFD for indices offered by AMarkets, the basis is the corresponding stock indices, for commodity CFD - futures for the relevant commodities: oil, gas, metals, cotton, etc.; for cryptocurrency CFDs - the corresponding cryptocurrencies; for CFDs for shares - stock exchanges.

How is profit on a trade calculated?

You have to subtract the opening price from the closing price of the position, multiply by the number of lots and the size of the contract and take away the commission. For example, by purchasing 3 lots of Brent (UKOIL) oil at 122.50 and selling at 124.00, profit you will receive: (124.00 (closing price) - 122.50 (opening price) x 3 (lot) x 1000 (contract size) - $ 30 (commission) = $ 4,470.
In order to calculate the profit on a trade with Bitcoin (BTCUSD), you have to subtract the opening price from the closing price of the transaction, then multiply by the number of lots and the size of the contract and take away the commission. For example, if you bought 0.5 lot of Bitcoin at $ 7000 and sold $ 9350 with a commission of 1%, then the profit will be: ($ 9350 (closing price) - $ 7000 (closing price)) x 0.5 (lot) x 1 (size of the contract) - $ 35 (commission) = $ 1140.

How is the margin for a specific position in CFD calculated?

You have to multiply the volume of this position by the size of the contract, multiply the resulting value by the current market price, then multiply by the percentage of margin. For example, if you sell 1 lot of TNOTE at 126.91, the margin will be: (1 (lot) x 1000 (contract size) x 126.91 (asset price)) x 1% (margin deposit) = 1269.10 US dollars.

Do CFDs have expiration dates and if so, what are they?

The expiration date of the CFDs for commodities, indices, bonds, coincides with the expiry date of the relevant futures. For example, a contract for Brent crude oil for delivery in April 2018 expires on 9 March 2018. Expiration time is 00:00 EET. However, AMarkets uses "glued" futures, that is, customers’ trades do not close automatically on the day of expiration of the underlying futures, which allows to successfully hold long -term trades.

In which currency is this or other CFD expressed?

CFD is expressed in the currency of the country whose index is the basis for this contract. For example, the CFD on AUS200 is expressed in Australian dollars. Profits or losses, as well as margin, are automatically converted into the deposit currency (US dollars) at the current exchange rate.

Why is a commission charged for trades with CFD?

The broker's income from operations with CFD is formed either at the expense of the commission, or by expanding the spread. AMarkets uses the first option, giving its clients the opportunity to trade with the narrowest spreads that a market maker has.

Glued futures, what's the difference?

AMarkets uses glued CFDs for futures. The main feature of the glued futures is that it goes without specifying a month, as a result, after each expiration, when the liquidity period ends, renaming the contract and switching to trading with a new futures contract does not occur, which is very convenient for trading and analysing quotes. We ask you to take this feature into account, since the quoted prices of futures may differ from the quotes of futures contracts in certain periods.

How are dividends paid on CFD Equities?

The amount of dividends is indicated in USD per share. If there is an open Buy position on the date of fixing record (Ex-dividend Date), the amount of the amendment is charged to the trading account. If there is a Sell position on the date of fixing record (Ex-dividend Date), the amount of the amendment is debited from the trading account.
Full information on the size of dividends and the dates of fixing records is publicly available on thematic websites. The Company is not responsible for the client's untimely tracking of ex-dividend dates for those shares and the CFD on which he is trading.

Partnership programs

How do AMarkets affiliate programs work?

Partners attract clients to AMarkets in any convenient way, by using marketing tools that have built-in special referral links that allow the partner system to record transitions and registration of clients and assign them to the personal offices of partners.
Clients open real trading and investment accounts, fund them for at least $ 100 and start trading / investing. With each closed trade in the accounts of attracted clients, the partner receives a fee that is credited daily to the virtual Wallet, which is provided to each partner upon registration.

The client opened an account on my verbal recommendation and did not go by my referral link. How can I get a partner’s reward for his trade?

Send an email to, indicating your account number and full name, and also indicate the account number and the name of the client you attracted. After verification, the customer will be entered into your group.

If my referral did not trade Forex, but became your partner, will I be rewarded for it?

If the referral initially registered as a client and then became a partner, you will receive a reward for his clients at a rate of 15% of the spreads (Partner of the 2nd level), and from the clients of his partners 5% of the spreads (Partner of the 3rd level).

If a client with a trading account in AMarkets opens a new referral account, will he be "tied" to the partner?

The client will be bound only if he opens a new account (registration for a new Email).

What are the main sources of client attraction in AMarkets?

Immediately after registration, the partner is given access to a personal account, in which training materials are offered, which will allow you to determine the most suitable way for you to attract clients.
Our partners attract clients on the Internet through contextual / teaser advertising, through social networks and thematic forums, through personal communication, consultations and training of potential clients.

What are the demographic features of the referrals that bring the most reward to partners?

As a rule, these are men and women aged 25 to 50 years who work as managers of middle or senior level, or owners of their own business, who have a constant source of high income and who consider working for Forex as an additional source of income. Typically, such referrals are no more than 20% of the total, but to their partners they bring more than 80% of the income.

What is the level of converting traffic to open and funded accounts typical for the Forex market?

The average conversion to open accounts varies between 2-5%, and the average conversion rate to funded accounts is from 15% to 30%.

How much does your partner earn on average per month (Agents (IB))?

Earnings of a partner directly depend on the amount of funds raised, which are involved in trading. The average interest rate from 1 standard lot in our company is $ 8. With each $ 1,000 a single client can generate a volume of 50 lots per month, which will bring the partner $ 400 ($ 8 * 50). Thus, you can calculate the approximate amount of your reward, depending on the amount of funds raised.
The average size of partner pay-out in the context of all partners of the company varies between $ 2,000 - $ 3,000 per month.

Is it possible to withdraw partner’s pay-out for a formal WebMoney certificate?

This is allowed, but for security reasons, the withdrawal is made to the wallet number specified by the partner in his first application for withdrawal. Do not change the wallet number later.

Is the pay-out paid to the partner on referral profitable trades?

Partner compensation is accrued for all closed trades, regardless of their success, except for those trades the duration of which was less than two minutes.

What personal details do I need to specify for registration as a partner?

When registering, you will need to provide your full name, email address and phone number. There is no mandatory verification of partners in AMarkets.

Is it possible to withdraw a pay-out to an account (a wallet) opened for other names?

You can withdraw the pay-out only to the account (wallet) opened at the full name given at the time of registration.


Who is a manager?

A manager is an independent private trader with trading experience in financial markets. The results of his trading are verified by open online statistics on our website. It is very important to understand that we can only show and analyse the results of past periods, which does not guarantee income in the future.

How can I become a manager?

In order to become a manager, you need to apply. After your application is reviewed and approved by the investment department, your account will be activated. All the trading statistics for this account will be available in the public domain, and you will be able to start working.

What is the Rating of Investment Accounts and why is it needed?

The rating of accounts is a list of investment accounts sorted by certain criteria, such as profitability, drawdown, and so on, in order to give potential investors a more complete view about a particular manager.

What is offer of manager?

The manager's offer is a document that contains the conditions for joining investment accounts, rules for profit distribution and other parameters of cooperation between the trader and the investor.

How do I choose a manager?

The potential investor decides to which manager he wants to attach his investment account. The company, for its part, provides tools for decision-making - such as an offer, a list of managers, and a rating of accounts. Our investment department is always ready to help you customise the search for managers according to your criteria. Please note that the company does not give recommendations on the choice of the manager.

What is the profit of the manager?

The manager's profit and its calculation are described in the manager's offer. As a rule, profit is a certain percentage agreed on in advance with the investor, from the total profit on the account for a certain period of time.

What is the maximum amount of remuneration for a manager?

The maximum amount of remuneration of a manager that can be specified in the offer is 50%. If a higher value is required, contact your personal manager.

How do I close the strategy and withdraw funds?

In order to close the strategy, the manager must click on the "close" button in the personal account, in the PAMM - Manager section. After this, the procedure of mutual settlement with investors (if any) will be launched and the funds belonging to the manager will be transferred to the wallet of the manager.

What happens to investors' funds, if the manager closes the strategy?

Investor funds after the closure of the strategy are returned to the investor's wallet. The amount of funds transferred to the investor's wallet is directly dependent on the outcome of the manager's trading achieved at the time of closing the strategy.

Can the manager withdraw his funds after the investors join?

The manager's funds act as a guarantee of solidarity with their investors for the results of trading. As long as the strategy is active, the invested funds must remain part of the strategy. In order to withdraw their manager must apply for the closure of the strategy.

When and what funds can the manager withdraw from the account?

The withdrawal is subject to funds relating to the revenue part of the investment and the amount of commission received on the results of trading. These funds, according to the period of distribution of funds, are automatically transferred to the wallet of the manager on the 1st day of each month.

How often / when is the information updated in the PAMM-service?

Information on the rating of a managers is updated once a day (2:20 GMT) on AMarkets’ website. In the personal area manager and investor the information is updated 1 once per hour.

Who is an investor?

An investor is a client of the Company who does not want to make trading decisions independently, but wants to use the trading strategy of experienced traders to invest their funds.

How do I open an investment account?

In order to open an investment account, you need to fill out the registration form here.

How do I start investing?

In order to start investing, you need to open an investment account , fund it with the amount you plan to invest and select a manager in your personal account, and attach your investment account to this manager.

What is the profit of the investor?

The profit of investor consists of the profit received on the account for a certain period of time, minus the remuneration to the manager.

How often does the remuneration of the manager take place?

Settlements with the manager occur monthly, immediately after the end of the month.

How do I withdraw funds from the investment account?

To withdraw funds from the investment account, you must first disconnect it from the account of the manager. This can be done at any time. Then you can withdraw funds in any of the possible ways.

How safe is an investment account?

When opening an investment account, the Investor DOES NOT transfer his funds to the manager. In fact, the investor only copies his trade to his own account. Money is stored on the investment account of the Investor, and only he has access to it. In this case, the investor can additionally set Stop Loss on the total capital of his account for greater control over the trade.

Can an investor install Stop Loss on the total capital of his account?

Yes he can. This parameter can be specified in the application for opening an account / joining a manager.

How and when can an investor fire his manager?

An investor can fire his manager at any time by submitting an application from the Personal account.
All available open positions will be properly closed and uncompleted settlements completed.

Where can an investor see statistics on his account?

An investor can see statistics on his account in his personal account.

Where can a manager see statistics on investment accounts?

Managers can see all statistics on investment accounts in their personal account.

Where does the manager's remuneration come?

The remuneration of the manager comes to a special trading account, which opens with the account of the manager.

What is a scheduler?

A scheduler is the schedule of a manager's attention to his account. In the planner, the manager sets a specific time for the execution of investors' applications for deposit / withdrawal of funds. It is advisable to specify those periods when the manager has the opportunity to check the change in the balance (withdrawal or funding) in order to make appropriate adjustments to the volume of open trades.

Should the manager adjust the volume of open trades when executing funding/withdrawal requests?

The manager must manually monitor the amount of open positions on the PAMM-account and correct them when executing requests for funding / withdrawal. During the rollover, it is necessary to adjust the positions taking into account new investments and the corresponding change in the balance: when entering funds, the manager has the right to increase the amount of open positions, in the withdrawal - to reduce, in proportion to the reduction of the balance.

How do I adjust the volume of the positions when investor enters funds?

During the rollover, it is necessary to adjust the positions taking into account new investments: since there is a deposit of funds, in this case, the manager needs to purchase additional volume. Calculate the required volume by the formula: (SumInv / Equity) × Lots, where: SumInv - the amount of new investments; Equity - the equity of the PAMM-account at the time of the rollover; Lots - the volume of assets acquired.

How do I adjust the volume of the positions when an investors withdraws funds?

During the rollover, the positions should be adjusted taking into account the new data: as the funds are withdrawn, in this case the manager needs to reduce the purchased volume. Calculate the required volume using the formula: (OutInv / Equity) × Lots, where: OutInv - the amount of investment to be withdrawn; Equity - the equity of the PAMM-account at the time of the rollover; Lots - the volume of assets acquired.

How do I change the manager account type?

The manager can always change the type of managed account by submitting an application from his personal account. The procedure for changing the account type of the manager is completely identical to the procedure for changing the conditions of the normal trading account.

Can the manager specify the minimum acceptable StopLoss level available to be revealed to potential investors?

Yes. The manager can set the specified restriction by setting the parameter - the minimum acceptable StopLoss level of the investor, available in the offer when registering the strategy.

How is the PAMM yield calculated?

The yield of the strategy is calculated by the following formula: Daily% (daily yield) = (1 + x / 100) * y, where x is the total yield of PAMM in% at the beginning of the day, y is the yield in% for the day in relation to the deposit at the beginning of the day. When constructing a profitability schedule, it is just daily%, not localy.

Can the manager correct offer parameters after the strategy is created?

Yes. At any time the manager can change the minimum amount of investment, rollover times, as well as a detailed description of the strategy.

Can the manager change the period of distribution of funds and the specified commission after the creation of the strategy?

Yes. The manager can make the necessary adjustments to the specified parameters of the offer by submitting an application with a request for appropriate changes by email. Changes will take effect after the end of the current period of distribution of funds.

How do I detach from the manager's strategy?

In order to detach from the strategy of the manager, the investor must submit a request for detachment from the chosen manager in the personal account. After the detachment procedure has been completed, the investor's funds will be transferred to his personal wallet in the PAMM service.

Can the manager use advisors in the process of trading?

Yes, the manager has the right to use any advisors at his own discretion.

What happens to the strategy, if the manager hides it?

Hiding the strategy does not affect the work of the manager himself. The strategy simply becomes unavailable for new investments and is removed from the public part of the overall rating of managers.

I can not invest in a strategy, what is it connected with?

When investing funds, it is necessary to be guided by the following rules: the amount of investment can not be less than the minimum amount of investment indicated by the manager during the editing of the offer. An additional limiting parameter is the minimum acceptable StopLoss level on the part of the investor, also indicated in the offer by the manager.

Can I view the current open trades of the Manager before investing in the strategy?

Yes, for this you need to go to the selected strategy card from the rating in the personal account, after, you need to click on the "Open Deals" tab next to the profitability schedule. The main condition for their display is the consent of the Manager, which is given at the time of registration of the strategy. Otherwise, information on open trades will not be available.

Can I view the history of the Manager's transactions before investing in the strategy?

Yes, for this you need to go to the chosen strategy card from the rating in your personal account, after, you need to click on the "Closed trades" tab next to the profitability schedule. The main condition for their display is the consent of the Manager, which is given at the time of registration of the strategy. Otherwise, the trade history will not be available.

Are cent accounts available for Managers?

No, a trader can not become a PAMM-manager, while working on a cent account, since cent accounts are not opened in the company.

What does the informer mean in the manager's offer - the trading history of the manager is loaded at a third-party broker?

This informer means that the history of the account of the manager was loaded on his personal initiative from the server of the broker, with which the trader worked earlier.

What is the sense of loading history?

Loading history is an excellent opportunity for Forex traders to offer trust management services to a greater number of potential investors.

How is the loading history?

The procedure for loading the history is carried out in several stages:
1) A trader having a positive history of managing a REAL account with a third-party broker, reveals the desire to join AMarkets’ PAMM-managers.
2) Further, the results of the manager’s trading are checked with a detailed analysis of his trading statement. To perform the verification, the potential manager must provide a login and investor password to enter the broker's trading platform, in which he got this history.
3) After the analysis of the statement, the decision will be made on adding it to the overall rating. In case of a favourable decision, the potential manager must register a strategy with AMarkets, to which, subsequently, the history will be copied.

Transferring positions from another broker

What profit does the broker get from reopening positions?

When using this service, first of all, the first profit goes to the trader opening for himself the best trading conditions and services in AMarkets, whose reliability has been confirmed by a large auditing company, Ernst & Young. AMarkets gets new client and commission with his trade as a spread markup.

When do trades go to the interbank market, if they are re-opened at the price which the client opened them earlier at another Company?

At the time of reopening of trades, AMarkets automatically opens the client’s trades with a counterparty at the current market price, which further allows to fully avoid conflict of interests between the Company and the Client.

What will be the balance after reopening?

During the transfer of orders, the Client’s trading account balance is corrected to the increased aggregate profits/losses on the orders subject to transfer, with consideration of current market price at the time of transfer of orders. The level of funds (equity) at the time of reopening positions remains unchanged and equal to the amount client funded. But later on, it will change depending on the results of current positions.

What is required to transfer orders?

1. Register at to create a personal account.
2. Complete the verification procedure in the Personal Account, by uploading the main page of your passport ( scanned copy or photo).
3. Open a trading account with the suitable trading conditions and fund it a minimum $500 by any means convenient for you.
4. Send an email to AMarkets - and to your personal manager, requesting to transfer trading account. In the subject, indicate: “Request for Transfer of Orders”. In the body, you should include the following information: “I, (Name, Surname), AMarkets wallet number, request for restoration of my open orders to the trading account (state the number of your AMarkets trading account). I provide here the details from other company (username and investor password to the trading account, IP-address of broker’s server, and the numbers of markets orders to be restored). I hereby, (indicate full name), also confirm that all conditions for the restoration of open orders have been explained to me fully; and I understand and fully accept all conditions for the restoration of open orders in AMarkets.”

If I closed a position at my broker, could I still use the service of reopening of orders in AMarkets?

Yes. This service is applicable even in the absence of open positions.

Can pending orders be transferred too?

Transferring orders to Company only includes those market orders which Client opened earlier while existing Sell Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, and Buy Stop, as well as Stop Loss and Take Profit on open orders cannot be transferred, and the Client sets them himself.

By how much should I fund account? Why can it be less / more funds in the account of another broker?

The account should be funded no less 500 USD as per agreement of this service. At the same time, the amount should be equal to or more than the required for maintaining the margin requirement on reopened positions.
For example, at another broker, your balance is $ 10 000, unrealized losses $2 000, and funds, $ 8 000. At the same time, there is an open position of 10 lots for USDJPY, with 1:500 leverage, and margin requirement of $ 2000. In this case, to reopen this position, you only have to fund your AMarkets account no less than $2 000 for its maintenance.
After funding this amount, your balance will be $ 4 000 ($2000 - your equity, and $ 2 000 is the balance correction on loss amount with consideration of current market prices at the time of reopening position), and equity remains unchanged, $2000, but later it will change depending on the result of the current position.
In this case, it is worth noting that free margin is: 4000 (balance) minus 2000 ( margin) - 2000 (floating losses) = $ 0, accordingly, the amount of your deposit and current loss to the amount of the margin for the current open position is 100% ( Stop Out level in AMarkets is 20%) therefore, we recommend funding account for a larger amount to decrease trading risks.

How many days will it take to review the request for transfer of orders?

From the time that the request is received in the Company, it will be reviewed within 2 working days, but the Company will strive to process such a request as fast as possible. In some cases, the duration of review may be lengthened.

What should I do, if the trading conditions in AMarkets and another broker are not in alignment with each other?

The request for transfer of orders is processed only in cases where account conditions at another broker are close enough to account conditions in AMarkets ( at least, the set of instruments for transfer should be available in AMarkets).

Can orders be transferred if the account at another broker is in a different currency?

Yes, they can. Reopening orders will only be done on accounts with USD as the base currency.