Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

All questions are structured by topics.
If you haven't found the answer to your question you can always call us at +442036039364, or email us.

Live Account

How can I start trading on Forex?

In order to start trading on Forex, you need to open Live trading account and download MetaTrader 4 trading platform from our website.

How can I open a trading account?

You can open  Live Account  in the section "Trading".
If you have already opened a demo account, you need to log in and get the authorization in your personal area.
You will be asked to register a trading account in your personal area. Open a trading account by filling out online application form. You’ll get your login and a password afterwards.

What do I need login and password for? Where should I enter them?

After account registration you’ll receive your login (your live account number) and password to your e-mail. After installing the trading platform  from our website, you’ll find a window where you should enter login and password. (If you have already used this trading platform on your demo account, select the button labeled “Trading Platform “, then go to "File" and click "Login" where you should enter your username and password.) Select AMarkets-Real in the “Server” line.

What is the minimum account?

Minimum account is $100.

How much money do I need for a minimal trade?

In order to open a trade with minimum lot (0.01), you need only $2-3 (depending on the currency pair)

What investor's password for?

The investor's password is used to simplify the interaction between the trader and the investor. The investor can deposit funds and supervise trader's work. It is absolutely logical that the investor, who has provided money, can log in to the personal area and check the results of trading. It is not necessary for the investor to download the trading platform, since he or she can supervise trading through the website. Investor’s password allows you to log into account, observe transactions, but does not allow to place trades.

What does phone password mean?

The phone password is needed to reset your lost data, change your contact information and contact technical support.

I have forgotten my password to a trading account. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password  please email your personal manager or contact us at email: with the request to reset password.
Indicate your name and account number. After receiving the password, log in to your trading platform and create your permanent password.

Can I open multiple trading accounts?

Yes you can open multiple trading accounts with AMarkets. Please contact your personal manager to do so.

Demo account

What do I need login and password for? Where should I enter them?

You need login & password to access the trading platform After account registration you’ll receive your login and password to your e-mail. After installing the trading platform from you'll be prompted to enter your login and password.

What’s the difference between Demo and Live Account?

Demo account allows you to trade on the FOREX market  risk free.  That’s the only difference between Demo and Live Accounts.

I have forgotten my password.What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please email your personal manager or send us an email to: with the password reset request. Please Indicate your name and account number in email. After receiving the password, log in to your trading platform to create permanent password

Is there any difference between Demo and Live accounts quote flow?

All quotes in demo version match exactly the quotes in Live account.

How long can I use my Demo Account?

You have 30 days to make virtual trades risk-free!

Personal Account Area

How can I register in Personal Account Area?

As soon as you open Demo or Live account you'll receive two emails:
- Login and Password to Demo or Live account
- Login and Password to your Personal Account Area

Why do I need Personal Account Area?

Your account area is a virtual office with a unique combination of services for managing your accounts, deposit and withdraw funds .   Also, it contains all necessary legal documents, instructions and additional educational materials on global financial markets.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You’ll find a link  "Forgot your password?" on the page Manage My Account. Enter your e-mail, then click on the button and you will receive a new password.

Deposits and Withdrawals

How Can I Fund My Account?

You can deposit funds by:
Bank Wire
Using Debit/Credit Card
Or via any Electronic Payment System supported by our company
More information about depositing funds, you can find here.

How can I find out that funds were transferred to my trading account?

You can check your account balance in your account area or in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

I've deposited funds but they never reached my account.

Please email all the payment details to our Customer Support: Indicate: • Trading Account • Type of depositing • Date of depositing • Amount of transaction. We will answer you within one business day. You can contact your personal manager as well.

I have some money on my trading account. Will it be added to the newly transferred funds?

The funds remain in your trading account, even if this amount is not enough to open new positions. Funds may be withdrawn by you at any time. All newly transferred funds will be added to an existing balance.

Can funds be transferred/withdrawn from a third party to my trading account with AMarkets?

Regardless of the funding method you choose, the name of the person transferring funds must always match the name of the client’s trading account at AMarkets. AMarkets does not accept funds for any trading account by a third party, as per Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Are there fees for funding/withdrawals?

No, AMarkets does not charge any fee for funding/withdrawing your funds.

How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

It's fast and easy to withdraw funds from your trading account. For your convenience, withdrawal requests are submitted online.You can send a request for withdrawal at any time.
To withdraw funds, please log into your account area and click "Withdraw Funds". A withdrawal request can be submitted online by selecting your withdrawal method and clicking "Submit". Withdrawal requests are processed within two business days. The speed of the transaction depends on the payment system that you use. Electronic Payment System payments are processed instantly, bank wire can take up to 5 business days depending on the bank.

Can I withdraw money from my account if I have open positions?

You can withdraw available funds just make sure that you have enough money for it. Please pay attention that your current positions can be closed because of insufficient money on your account.

I made a request for withdrawal but still haven't got any money. What should I do? 

1. Make sure that it has been 3 to 5 business days.
2. Check your request history in Manage my account. If your request hasn't been approved you will get a notification from Finance Department.
3. If you don't get any notification email us on with as detailed information as possible, including your trading account number.
4. Wait for response. Our team will contact you within 1 business day.

How often can I withdraw funds from my trading account?

You can withdraw funds from your trading account as many time as you like. No restrictions.

What’s the minimum amount for withdrawing from my trading account?

There are no limits for minimum withdrawal amount.
Just make sure that you have enough money on your trading account.

Trading Platform

What trading platform do you offer your clients?

Our company offers the MetaTrader 4 - the most reliable and the most popular trading platform in the world.

Where can I download the trading platform?

In order to download the trading platform click "Trading" and then choose Trading Platforms

I can’t download the trading platform from your site, what should I do?

If you can’t download the trading platform from our site, please contact our Customer Support, or send an email with a request to send the installation file. .

Is it safe to trade via MetaTrader 4 trading platform?

All trades are strictly confidential and 100% safe and secure. For safety, all information transmitted between our servers and a trading platform is specially encoded.

How can I view my account history?

You can review your history of completed trades at any time. Click “Trading platform”, then select "View" ,then "Platform" and choose "Account History".


A tool offered by AMarkets that allows you to control large amount of a commodity with a comparatively small amount of capital. Leverage is a ratio between balance in your trading account and amount of a transaction, for example, 1:20, 1:40, 1:50, 1:100. A 1:100 leverage means that a trading account with your broker can have the balance 100 times less than the transaction amount.

How can I change the leverage size?

While registering an account, you may select the desired leverage size.
But if you want to change the size of leverage after registering an account, you can easily do it in your Personal Area by clicking on "Accounts" section and then "Change Leverage".

Why different brokers sometimes show different quotes.Why?

There is no single platform where all brokers can perform their operations. The lack of common platform leads to the absence of one price. The differences in quotes can not be great. Minor differences may occur due to the fact that quotations are offered by various banks.

Are you hedging your trades?

Yes we are. We utilize advanced technology to aggregate market liquidity, robust trading platforms and direct order routing mechanism, which also known as an STP. You can find our current liquidity providers on our website.