Expert Advisors

AMarkets clients have access to the most robust trading tools in the industry!

Expert Advisors (EAs) are software programs that you can apply to automate your trading, allowing you to execute trades 24/5, emotion-free and without the need to constantly monitor the markets. EAs are the great tools to eliminate human mistakes as well!

Automated Trading using EAs became a very popular way to trade the markets.

Here are some key advantages of the EAs:

Let trading robots save your time and work for you around the clock;

Automate complicated computation processes;

Maximize your trading strategy efficiency;

Customize your EAs in any way you want and use any trading style.

EAs opens far more advantages for traders and can totally change your trading experience!


Latest EA’s review



  • Realization of composite trading strategy that is infeasible for manual trading;
  • Use trading strategies designed by professional traders by simply copying the code;
  • Tune your EA parameters the way you need;
  • АAutomate certain part of your trading or the whole thing; statistics gathering, signals recording e.t.c