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AMarkets does not transfer or disclose personal data to third parties

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Questions and answers

How to start trading on «Forex»?
In order to start trading on the foreign exchange market, you need to download the trading platform «MetaTrader 4 from our website." Once you have downloaded the platform, you need to register a demo account or a live trading account in the relevant section of the website.
How to open a live trading account?
- You can open a live trading account in the "Trading" section of the website.
- If you have already opened a demo account, then you need log into your personal cabinet.
- In your personal cabinet, you will be asked to open a live trading account. Open a live trading account by filling in all the required fields in the window which opens. After this, you will receive a login and a password to access the account.
What is the difference between a demo account and a live trading account?
The only difference of a demo account from a live trading account is that you trade with the virtual money on the demo account. Apart from that, you make your trades in real market conditions.
Who is the account manager?
Account manager - is an independent private trader with the experience of trading on financial markets. His trading results are confirmed by online statistics openly available on our website. It is important to understand that we can only show and analyze the trading results of the past periods, which does not guarantee future profits.
Who is the investor?
Investor - is a client of the Company, who does not want to make his own trading decisions, but wants to use the trading strategy of experienced traders to invest his funds.
How safe is the investment account?
When an investor opens an investment account he DOES NOT TRANSFER his funds to the account manager. In fact, the investor just copies the manager’s trading on his investor account. Money is stored in the investment account of the Investor and only he has access to it. The investor can additionally set Stop Loss and / or Take Profit limits on his total account balance for more control over the trading.
How can you fund your trading account in AMarkets?
You can fund your trading account in AMarkets company in the following ways:
  • WebMoney,
  • Western Union,
  • Yandex.Money
  • Direct Bank Transfer,
  • Plastic cards
  • Payment terminals,
  • And other electronic payment systems.
For more information on the fees and conditions of funding your account please visit the deposits & withdrawals page.
You can find payment details for depositing funds in your personal cabinet.
How to withdraw funds from the trading account?
You can request to withdraw funds from your trading account at any time – provided there are necessary funds available to carry out the translation and cover the commission of the payment systems. To do this, fill in the withdraw request in your personal cabinet. Please note that withdraw requests are processed within one working day during the working hours of the Finance Department (Mon-Fri from 9 to 18, Moscow time)
Funds can be withdrawn from the trading account in the following ways:
  • Bank transfer (including credit cards);
  • Transfer through WebMoney payment system;
  • Cash withdrawal through WebMoney exchange offices, specified on our website.
You can find detailed instructions for withdrawing funds in the "documents" section of your personal cabinet.
Does AMarkets company charge any fees for withdrawal/deposit of funds?
AMarkets does not change any additional fees for withdrawing and depositing of funds.

Feedback from our customers

  • Chuprin Gavril
    I am more than 3 years with AMarkets. No technical problems can be solved if there is no person or a group of people capable of solving these problems. In my case, when there were any issues like these, AMarkets, via its staff members in contact with me at the time always did their best to assist me. All representatives of the company I dealt with were exceptionally attentive, respectful and punctual. Maybe it is just me who is so happy and lucky? Robots, terminals, smart phones, computers – all of these are just tools - the problems are solved only by the people. If you have a question, give the company a call and I am sure they will help you.
  • Alexey Reshetnikov
    I have about 5 years of experience in this field – I have worked with about 20 companies - so I can compare. I currently keep AMarkets near the top of my rating list and strongly recommend the services of this company. What will happen next, we'll see. I wish you success and wish the AMarkets company to stay the best of the best!
  • Konstantin Eremin
    I learned about AMarkets from my friend and business partner. I spent exactly one week examining all of the features and benefits of the company. After this I began to trade independently and in the next two weeks received the first positive results!

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