Smart services for automated trading in financial markets
What is the RoboX?
RoboX is a simple to use service which automatically performs transactions in financial market it’s allow you to profit without any extra effort.

Try a new way to invest today!
Start investing by putting only 3 parameters and get the profitable individual portfolios
Thousands of trading algorithms hides behind external simplicity that form the portfolio
RoboX works on all devices and from anywhere where there is access to the Internet
RoboX analyzes the market situation and automatically adjusts deals, saving you up to 97% of the time
Investing via RoboX gives to you a huge advantage:
Your investment will not suffer due to the fact that you made the wrong decision based on emotion (fear of losing, greed, etc.). Each action will be supported by the analysis of the current situation on the market.
The portfolio’s «Jasper 3213» yield for 6 months was 95%!
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You do not need to exert much effort with RoboX to become a successful investor!
Let’s see
how easy it is!
  • Select capital
  • Select the purpose of investment
  • Select close to you strategy
You get the result in the form of ready-made
portfolios and statistics on them within seconds
For who RoboX?

First to all RoboX will be interested to investors who want to use the most advanced technologies one of the first.

Connecting RoboX, you take in assistants the best at the moment development in algorithmic trading.

Don’t be afraid to automate trading, because 75% of all financial processes in the world economy today is thoughtful and effective actions of “smart” robots.

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