There are two types of fees in RAMM: Turnover fee and a Performance fee.

The turnover fee may be set up by the trader and is measured in dollars per 1 000 000 USD of turnover. This type of commission is calculated and paid when a position is being opened or closed. For example, if a position of 0.5 lot USD/CHF is opened in the investor’s account, and the strategy’s turnover fee is 10 USD / mln., the investor will pay 0.5 USD to the trader. When this position is closed, the investor will pay another 0.5 USD.

Turnover fee is calculated and paid daily at 00:10 UTC.

The performance fee is a part of your profit, paid to the trader, whose strategy you invested in. This commission may vary from 0 to 50% of investors’ profit and is defined by the trader when the strategy is created.  

The trader can’t change the fee rate (commission received for turnover and performance/profit) after the strategy is created.

The performance fee is paid only if your profit constantly grows and exceeds the previous high water mark. If a trader allows loss in some trading interval, you won’t pay the performance fee until profits of the subsequent trading intervals exceed previous losses. The performance fee is calculated and paid at the end of each week or when you close your investment.

Strategy statistics displayed in the platform don’t include the trader’s fee. You can view the report that shows information about the fees and how they were calculated on the investment statement page.

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