How will the trades be copied if I set the Factor parameter as an Investor?

When copying trades, the volume calculation takes into account both the Factor and the size of the Trader’s and Investor’s deposit.

Imagine that a Trader deposited 1000 USD, while an Investor deposited 300 USD.

  • If the Investor copies the Trader’s strategy using a standard factor “1”, then a 1 lot trade will be copied to the Investor’s account as 0.3 lots.
  • If the Investor sets the factor value at “2”, then the trade will be copied with a volume of 0.6 lots, and if the factor is “0.5”, the volume of the copied trade will be 0.15 lots.
  • If the deposits of the Trader and Investor are equal, then the volume of copied transactions with the standard factor “1” will be equal to the volume in the Trader’s account
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