Does the Investor pay any fees for copying trades in RAMM?

According to the Trading Terms and Conditions, in addition to Trader’s fees paid for copying transactions in RAMM, an Investor may also be charged a commission for performing trading transactions.

  1. For Indices, Commodities and Bonds, the commission is $10 per 1 lot.
  2. For Stocks, commission is 0.1% per 1 lot.
  3. For ECN accounts, the half-turn rate (one side of a trade) for trading currencies and metals is $2.5 per lot.

Commission for transactions and a swap cannot be less than $0.01. In this case, the value is always rounded in a positive direction, i.e., to the larger value. For example, an Investor has copied 0.0004 lots in BRENT. According to the Trading Terms and Conditions, the commission on commodities is $10 per lot. Thus, the Investor’s commission will be: $10 * 0.0004 = $0.004. But since the commission cannot be less than $0.01, the Investor’s account will be debited for the amount of $0.01.

If a Trader has an ECN account, the commission of $2.5 per lot (per one side) will be charged for transactions with currency pairs and metals. For example, an Investor has copied a volume of 0.0091 on XAU/USD. Taking that commission per lot is $2.5 per one side, the Investor will be charged: $2.5 * 0.0091 = $0.03, taking into account the round up to a higher value.

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