What are the requirements for the lead to be confirmed and paid for under the CPS model?

  1. The client topped up his account using any of the available payment methods.
  2. The client achieved the required trading turnover, depending on the amount of his deposit.

The calculation takes into account the total amount of all account top-ups, minus any withdrawals (except for realized profit).

Example 1: (Start package): The client deposits 1,000 USD into his account and then withdraws 500 USD. The account balance will fall to 500 USD and the partner will receive 100 USD.

Example 2: The client makes a profit of 500 USD and withdraws his earnings, leaving the initial deposit of 1000 USD in his account. The partner will receive 150 USD because the withdrawal of profit does not affect remuneration.

Client Deposit, USD Remuneration, USD Required trading turnover, lots
100-199 30 1
200-499 50 2,5
500-999 100 5
1000-1999 150 10
2000-2999 200 12,5
Over 3000 250 15
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