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The best trading app

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RAMM advantages

  • Capital protection
  • Fair and honest fees: pay for performance
  • Instant withdrawal of funds

1. Capital protection

The RAMM system pays special attention to capital protection and risk management:

  • When investing in a strategy, the funds remain in your personal account. No one except you can withdraw or transfer funds from your account. You get full control of your Investment – you can monitor, adjust and close the Investment at any time.
  • Your account is protected against unexpected drops in profitability. The “Protection” parameter indicates which part of your investment you don’t want to lose if the result of the strategy is unfavorable.

For example, if you set the Protection level at 80%, the trader’s strategy will be copied to your account until the losses reach 20% of the Investment’s balance. When this level is reached, all positions are closed and trading is suspended until the investor confirms that he wants to continue trading. If he does, a new protection level will have to be set.

Capital protection limits your risks but doesn’t limit your profits.

2. Pay for performance

In RAMM you pay the trader only for the net profit, received from using his strategy. If at some point trader allows loss, you won’t pay the performance fee until profits of the subsequent trading intervals exceed previous losses. In addition to the performance fee, a trader can set the turnover fee, which will be charged every time the position is opened or closed. All fees and commissions of a particular strategy can be viewed on the Strategy Details page

3. Instant deposit and withdrawal of funds

In RAMM, you can deposit and withdraw funds from the strategy instantly, at any time (during trading hours). In this case, positions will be opened and closed at the current market prices. When an Investor joins or exits the strategy, it does not affect the results of the others.

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