How is the strategy’s profitability chart plotted?

The strategy’s profitability chart in the RAMM platform may differ from the profitability of the MetaTrader trading account linked to this strategy. This is due to the fact that the strategy’s profitability chart is built based on the signals copied in indicative quotes coming to the baseline account in the RAMM system. In other words, the strategy’s profitability chart may not always mimic the profitability of a trader’s account in MetaTrader.

The copy trading service takes some time (usually less than one second) to copy signals to an investor’s account, which, in turn, can lead to minor deviations in the execution prices. This particular feature may affect the strategy’s profitability chart since it’s built based on the investors’ profitability.

Minor differences in profitability can occur for strategies with a high frequency of trades or when a trader closes positions that are only a few pips apart in a highly volatile market.

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