Creating a strategy

You can create and open several strategies using one RAMM account. Each strategy is linked to a separate account in MetaTrader 5 with the netting position accounting system or to an account in MetaTrader 4 with the hedging accounting system. Trading transactions on each of the strategies don’t affect other strategies and their results.

You can create a new strategy in the RAMM Copy trading section of your Personal area

  • The name of the strategy, which will be visible to other users in the list of the strategies, and later in the rating.
  • Leverage.The leverage cannot be changed after the strategy is created.
  • Account type.
  • Performance fee rate. The maximum and minimum fee rate values are indicated in Specification. The fee rate cannot be changed after the strategy is created. All your investors will pay you a part of their profit according to the determined fee rate.
  • Turnover fee rate. This commission is applied only to trades on Investments of other users into your strategy. Trades on your own Investment are executed without this commission.
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