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Global Business Development, Board Adviser

Michael Mirarchi

Michael Mirarchi is a top-level professional in finance with more than 10 years of experience in the largest banks and institutional dealers on Wall Street.

In 2008 Michael joined Deutsche Bank’s DBFX division in New York as Vice President (VP) of Business Development. In 2010 Michael joined Knight Capital Group in the same VP capacity, where he gained experience in the investment sector, which later allowed him to obtain the position of Vice President of the Margin Exchange department in Citibank.

During his 4 years at Citibank, Michael was promoted to the role of VP of Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage through May 2013, before assuming his leadership role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ATC Brokers Ltd – an FCA regulated online brokerage based in London.

Currently Michael is a Board member of AMarkets and he is responsible for global expansion of the company.

Mr. Mirarchi is a qualified specialist and he holds numerous licenses including Series 3, 63, and 7 in the US, as well as CF1, CF3, CF10/10a, CF11 and CF30 in the UK. His expertise encompasses legal/regulatory compliance and licensing, and provisioning of foreign exchange liquidity distribution to financial institutions including banks, retail aggregators and prime brokers.

Chief Financial Officer

Anatoliy Golubev

In 2007, Anatoliy began his career as an Auditor at the Cyprus branch of KPMG in Larnaca. During his work he tracked mergers and acquisitions, headed auditing projects and accounting reports in the energy, oil and gas, and ecommerce sectors.

In 2010, he moved to a major international construction company, Danya Cebus, to become the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO). His responsibilities included accounting management, segment reporting, corporate control and quarterly audit of KPMG.

He worked in the Cyprus venture fund, FastLane Ventures, as a financial controller since 2012. He was responsible for budgeting, creation of investment models for investors and monthly reporting to shareholders.

In 2013, he headed the financial department of the trading division of Den Braven, the largest manufacturer of construction chemicals in Europe. He was responsible for optimization of business processes, control of expenses, tax planning, as well as cooperation with banks, monitoring agencies and auditors.

He is certified by ACCA, the international professional association of finance, accounting and auditing experts.

Leading Analyst

Tim Deev

In 2011, he graduated with honors in World Economy and International Finance from the Academy of Labour and Social Relations.

He started his professional career in 2008 as a manager of the Risk Management department of the Uniastrum Bank, where he was responsible for analysing the behavioral characteristics of clients, preparation of the methodical base for the bank’s liquidity criteria and developing stress test scenarios to assess market risks.

Between 2009 and 2012, he worked in the Analytical Departments of several major international financial and brokerage companies.

Mr. Deev is among the most quoted in the media analysts, regularly gives his reviews on radio and television, and his reviews are published daily in leading economic publications. He is the author of the book “ABC of the Speculator”, a reference tool for both the beginner and practicing trader. He is a presenter of investment seminars, webinars, and a lead speaker at financial conferences.

He is certified broker and dealer of the stock market, as well as the organization of trading in securities market and clearing.

Mr. Deev holds FSFM certification series 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0.

He learns Chinese in his free time and he loves travelling.

Chief Dealer

Nick Gusev

Mr. Gusev clocks more than 12 years of experience in the financial markets.

In 2005, he began his career in Kuala Lumpur in the Dealings department of a large international brokerage company. His duties included quoting, cooperation with counterparties and company’s clients, and compliance with risk management procedures. He was later promoted to Senior Dealer.

Under his leadership since joining AMarkets Mr. Gusev introduced NDD (No Dealing Desk), an advanced trading technology, which transfers trade orders of customers directly to the largest market-makers (Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase), which facilitated unprecedented expeditious execution of orders. Besides this, he raised a team of professional dealers, significantly expanded the list of trading instruments and introduced several trading platforms.

Internal Controller

Vasilisa Marash

Vasilisa graduated with honours from the Moscow Banking Institute in Banking, Finance and Credit.

Mrs. Marash began her career in 2010 with Societe Generale, an international financial group, as a Client Manager, and gradually her duties included client solvency analysis.

Since 2012, she furthered her career in Gazprombank as the lead Client Manager not only in the sphere of credit and credit-worthiness analysis, but also in the sales of investment products of the bank.


Nick Korzhenevsky

Mr. Korzhenevsky graduated from the Higher School of Economics, where he is currently teaching and writing his dissertation.

He began his career as a Financial Journalist in 2007 on RBC-TV’s first business channel; over time he became the host of “Markets” and “ABC of an Investor”. In 2010, he transferred to the national television, “Russia 24”, where he created and hosted the “Economics:Course of the Day” program. Alongside television, he headed the Analytics Department of Gazprombank in 2012.

Mr. Korzhenevsky is deservedly regarded as one of the best experts in the currency and stock market. In his forecasts, he focuses on the analysis of the macroeconomic situation and politics, and his reviews are often found on the leading internet and print media. Mr. Korzhenevsky is a regular participant of the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he interacts with state dignitaries and monetary authorities, in particular Mario Draghi, the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, to mention but a few.

Over the past five years he successfully managed a hedge fund.

He is fluent in both English and Chinese languages. His pastimes include tennis, weightlifting and traveling.

  • Michael Mirarchi
    Global Business Development,Board Adviser


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    Chief Financial Officer


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    Leading Analyst


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    Chief Dealer


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    Internal Controller


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