AMarkets Invests $1 000 000 in the Best PAMM-managers

AMarkets opens the qualification of successful traders.

The existence of a trading strategy that brings a stable income on the financial markets is already a sign of high professional status. And the existence of a PAMM-account only confirms your level! That indicates that your achievements are significant to the others so much that they trust you and want to share the rewards of a success with you.

AMarkets invites you to take part in the qualification. During this qualification we will determine the best managers and invest our own capital in the amount of one million USD.

All you have to do in order to receive the investments from AMarkets is to demonstrate your professionalism, showing the highest profit level with moderate risks within one calendar month. All PAMM-managers whose strategies are included in the public rating on our company’s website can become the participants.

The investment capital of AMarkets is allocated in a following way. The best manager receives iinvestment funds 10 times higher than the manager’s own funds and an additional $1000 to the manager’s personal capital.

All active PAMM-managers from the AMarkets rating participate in the qualification.

If you already have a PAMM-account, you can monitor your results in the PAMM-managers’ rating.

If you don’t have a strategy in the AMarkets PAMM-service, open the manager’s account and you will become a participant of the qualification automatically.



Main terms and conditions of the AMarkets PAMM-managers’ qualification:

  • The participant must pass the verification.
  • Three best traders will be determined every month. AMarkets will invest the significant capital on the accounts of those traders.
  • The maximum amount of possible investment in one manager is $50,000 and $1000 in addition.
  • The amount of investment is determined by the minimum amount of the manager’s own capital for the reporting period. The best manager receives iinvestment funds 10 times higher than the manager’s own funds and an additional $1000 to the manager’s personal capital.
    For example:
    If the strategy took the highest result with the main capital of $ 3,000 then the investment will be $30,000, and the manager’s own capital will be increased to $4,000.
  • A trader who will show the maximum yield in percent with a maximum drawdown of up to 30% for a calendar month will become the best one. He have to be also approved by the investment committee of the company.
  • The profit for the month should be at least 10% and the trading activity on the account should last at least 7 days.
  • A manager may have any number of strategies in the rating.
  • During the qualification a manager can withdraw his profit and use the entire functionality of the PAMM-service without any restrictions.
  • A manager’s account must be initially verified in the Personal Area on
  • AMarkets can not invest funds in one manager more than once, no matter of the number of strategies he manages in the rating.
  • Investments in the best managers will be conducted until the entire $1 000 000 fund will not be exhausted.

Main management recommendations and conditions for the AMarkets investment fund:

  • The manager’s remuneration from the investment of AMarkets amounts 20% of the profit received. The remuneration rate from other investments corresponds to the offer of the manager.
  • AMarkets guarantees investment for a period of 3 months.
  • The manager will be automatically disconnected from the management of the company’s funds if it exceeds the maximum allowable drawdown of 30%.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the qualification at any time, change the investment and the qualification terms without any prior notifications.