Two Bitcoins for the Price of One in AMarkets

February 8, 2018

AMarkets creates unprecedented conditions for trading cryptocurrency pairs. We have already significantly reduced spreads for trades with digital assets and improved swaps; in addition to this, we’re introducing favourable funding conditions.

Now, for funding account in AMarkets, you get two times more funds. And no matter how costly Bitcoin is in the market, thanks to the new conditions, you buy it at a half price.

Everything is very simple:

  • Open a trading account and fund it with any amount from $300 to $10 000.
  • Ask your personal manager to add the credit bonus on to your account, equal to the funded amount. Immediately, after they are added, you can use these funds for trading.

The credit bonuses are selling like hotcakes! Hurry and get yours!


  • Both new and already active clients of AMarkets are eligible for the promo.
  • The credit bonus is processed only when trading Forex instruments in Classic and Direct accounts in MetaTrader 4. After this, you can the processes bonus funds to trade cryptocurrency pairs.
  • The maximum amount of bonus for one client is $10 000.
  • The bonus is added as a workable bonus, in the credit line of MetaTrader 4, and does not combine with the rest of the funds in the overall balance.
  • This offer is not combined with other bonuses and promotions of the company.
  • To activate the bonus, contact your personal manager (contacts can be found in your personal account.
  • The bonus funds will become available for withdrawal after the necessary trading volume has been reached.*
  • Only closed trades are considered in the volume. Limit on trade: no less than 3 points.
  • In the calculation of the volume, only new trades are considered. Account history up to bonuses does not count.
  • Bonus funds can not be used for drawdown. When “Stop Out” occurs, bonus funds will be removed from the account.
  • The client must calculate the “Stop out” independently since MetaTrader 4 is only oriented around real funds without accounting for bonus funds, which cannot be used in drawdown. Hence, “Stop Out” level can be reached earlier, before observation in MetaTrader 4, when the real funds level drops.
  • The received profit in the account is can be withdrawn without restrictions, regardless of the size of the bonus funds on the account.
  • The bonus, for the reporting period, will be canceled if the client makes a full or partial withdrawal of the main funds to which the bonus was credited from the account.
  • In order to prevent fraudulent operations with bonus funds or if they are discovered, the Company reserves the right to remove all added bonuses from the client’s account without prior notice or explanation of the reasons.
  • *How is the trading volume necessary for the withdrawal of bonus calculated?
    Calculation of the amount of volume needed to withdraw bonus is carried out according to the formula: bonus amount / 3 USD. That is, 3 USD from every full lot. The bonus will be available for withdrawal after working out the entire volume.