Trade Champions of the Week

Trade Champions of the Week

Another week has passed and we are here with our weekly review!

The leader of the week showed strong performance by trading Brent (UKOIL).

Our client sold Brent (UKOIL) on March 28 at 13:30 EET at $41.13 and closed his position on April 1 at 15:56 EET at $39.03.

5.11% account gain in just one trade. Well done!

Another champion made his money on USDCAD. He made some money by selling USDCAD on March 28 at 10:51 EET at 1.3232 and closing his position on March 30 at 17:33 EET at 1.292. Trader made 2.36% on this particular trade, which is a definitely worth sharing result!

Market is full of opportunities. Don’t miss yours and start trading today!