The number of successful AMarkets traders is growing third quarter in a row!

At the result of the 3rd quarter of 2015 the proportion of successful AMarkets clients is 33.2%, showing a solid growth of 4.2% from the very beginning of a year. Excellent performance, taking into consideration the current market volatility! Check statistics for previous periods here.

The key to success of most our traders depends not only on the trade decisions they take, but also on the extensive toolkit available in the AMarkets laboratory. Take a look on this trader’s tool list that are especially popular among our successful clients:

  • Autochartist technical signals
    Autochartist scans the currency price flows in real-time and instantly generates signals indicating profit goals. No more need to carry out graphic analysis on your own. Autochartist makes predictions with 70% accuracy.
  • Sentiment Index “Cayman”
    Unique behavioral indicator Cayman will help you stay on the opposite side of the market crowd. In addition, while using this indicator you can detect potential market extremes, the achievement of which reflects not only the slowing trend and overdue correction, but also the probability of trend reversal.
  • The indicator Orderbook
    The mood of the majority at hand! You can see how many traders put open and pending orders to buy or sell and at what price in real-time: higher or lower than the market one. Use this data to take overall trading profitability to the next level.
  • Trade Performance Analyzer
    When using it, you get trading statistics for each individual account and see the strengths and weaknesses of a trading strategy. Trade Analyzer allows every AMarkets client to make an analysis of its strategy, find and correct possible errors and start getting more profit – all this in just a few minutes!

Try these free tools available in your account at the tab “services” and become the broadcaster of our mutual success!