Successful trade of the week posted by AForex’s client

An example of a profitable trade by AForex customer in a week.How much can be earned in a week?

Last week, the New Zealand dollar fell to a year low of 0.7858 after comments from the head of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, who once again called the exchange rate unstable and prone to significant downward correction. In addition, the growth of the New Zealand dollar is hindered by the American dollar, which is rising against most major currencies against the backdrop of good statistics from the United States. As a result, the most profitable trade of the week, made by our client, was the short trade with NZDUSD pair (selling on September 22 at 2:52 UTC at the price of 0.8156 / buying on September 25 at 13:01 UTC at the price of 0.7939). This resulted in the profit of 2.7%.

In the sector of contracts for difference (CFD) the most profitable trade involved Natural Gas (NGAS). The trade resulted in the profit of 98 pips (buying on September 24 at 11:27 UTC at the price of 3.811/ selling the same day at 18:29 UTC at the price of 3.909). In percentage terms, the profit equals to 2.6%.

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