Successful trade of the week posted by AForex’s client

An example of profitable client’s deal in AForex for a week. How much could you earn this week?

Publication of data on changes in the number of employees from ADP and on reduction of unemployment rate in the USA last week, as well as some others, had a positive impact on the growth of dollar against other major currencies. Thus, the U.S. unemployment rate was 6.1% vs. 6.3% forecast, and the indicator of ADP rose to 281K, exceeding the predicted value 200K. As a result, the most profitable deal of the week, made by our client took place for the pair AUD / USD (Sell -July 1 at 19:38 UTC by price 0.94933 / Buy – 3 July at 12:30 UTC by price 0.93489). Profit amounted to 144 points, in percentage terms 1.52%.

In the sector of contracts for difference (CFD) the most profitable deal took place on CFD (Oil).Compromise clause reached between the government and the rebels in Libya, allowed to restore the work of two more oil terminals and to increase oil production, which in its turn, affected the reduction in the cost of oil brand Brent. Profit expressed as a percentage of the deal on Sell amounted to 1.48% (Sell – July 1 at 9:28 UTC at $ 112, 32 / Buy – of 3 July at 11:54 UTC for $ 110.66).

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