Ready-made portfolios its a convenientand simple method of investing!

Portfolio investment is not a new method of earning profits on the financial markets, but today many are faced with the problem of how best to put together some assets that will bring good income in the next 6-18 months. Save your precious time and use ready-made investment portfolios with high yield, with which you will able to save money and make money.

Here’s 7 investment portfolios by AMarkets for you that are:

    • collected by professional analysts;
    • include assets with high profitability for last 3 year;
    • have a certain growth potential in the future;
    • correspond with the rules for risk management and the profit potentialfar exceeds potential losses;
    • easy to use: transactions for the portfolio are made in the usual MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Each of the portfolios contains CFDs on stocks of large companies that engaged in key sectors of the economy. In addition to well-known IT companies, whose attractiveness for investment is obvious, in the portfolios collected the organization of the military and the pharmaceutical industry that the most profitable sector of the US economy. Other portfolios combined financial institutions, the best yielding French companies, public organizations and companies whose activities are helping to assess the entire industry of US consumer demand. We hope that among the variety of portfolios you will find the one that fits your preference!

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