Make Money While Others Spend It on Black Friday!

10 days of trading bonuses in AMarkets: we increase your deposit by 20% and 25%.
While the whole world gets ready for black friday and thinks about what to spend their hard-earned money on, you can earn. Hurry up and earn yourself a 20% or 25% trade bonus in AMarkets before the global sale starts, which can increase the profit figures of retailers and affect the quotes of the financial instruments.

Deposit funds into your account on favourable terms:

  • The total amount ( in USD) is 20% and 25% more than the actual deposit amount, which is more profitable that the official exchange rates.
  • There is no need to work out the bonus. It participates in trading as do the real funds.
  • Unlimited drawing of profits, even though they are earned with bonus.
  • The maximum bonus per client is up to 5000 USD!
  • A fund deposit between 300 USD and 999 USD is eligible for a 20% trading bonus, while from 1000 USD -25%.

Hurry! Offer valid 10 days only – from 14 to 24 November 2017!

Terms and Conditions of the Offer:

  • The offer includes each account deposit from 300 USD.
  • A 20% bonus is credited to account on deposit amount between 300 USD and 999 USD.
  • A 25% bonus is credited to account on deposit from 1000 USD.
  • 25 % of the deposit amount is credited with a non-removable trading bonus, which does not need to be worked out. The bonus funds participate in trading and drawdowns.
  • This offer is only available for Classic and Direct MetaTrader 4 trading accounts.
  • In this offer, the maximum bonus for a single client cannot exceed 5000 USD.
  • The offer is valid until 00:00 24 November 2017.
  • The number of bonus eligible account deposits is unlimited.
  • This bonus is not combined with any other bonuses or special offers of AMarkets.
  • Contact the company’s financial advisor to activate the bonus.
  • The bonus for the accounting period is annulled if the client makes a full or partial withdrawal of the main funds to which the bonus funds were credited.
  • In the event of fraudulent transactions with credited funds, the company reserves the right to exclude the trading account from the the offer, as well as to cancel the accrued bonus with a one-time write-off of credited funds from the trading account without prior notice or explanation.
  • Investment accounts and PAMM service accounts are not eligible for this offer.
  • Other conditions for the use of bonuses are governed by the AMarkets’ Bonus Rules.