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Live broadcast with AMarkets’ official representatives

Dear clients,

On March 22, Denis, Head of business development Asia and Alexander, Head of global partnerships at AMarkets, appeared on the Malaysian Forex Online Radio They presented the company’s services and products and talked about an exclusive contest and $100 gift card promotion launched in celebration of the Ramadhan month.

During a live interview, the radio host noted that AMarkets stands out from its competition not only because it offers a broad and extensive product range but also in terms of the high level of transparency and physical presence.

Here are some topics that sparked the greatest interest:

  • Unique approach to conducting international business;
  • Originality and flexibility of affiliate programs;
  • Pros and cons of aggressive social media marketing;
  • Use of modern technologies in advertising campaigns;
  • Local and global aspects of the industry and its development vector in the coming years;
  • Industry regulation and licensing to ensure stability and protect the interests of all market participants.

In the next live interview, which will take place in a week, Denis and Alexander will cover such important issues as:

  • Crypto exchange bankruptcies;
  • Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB);
  • Impact of geopolitical conflicts on financial markets.

Don’t miss the live broadcast. Stay tuned to get the latest industry insights!