Introducing most profitable strategy of the summer 2012 – JFX in Mirror Trader.

Introducing most profitable strategy of the summer 2012 – JFX in Mirror Trader.

Recently one of the trading strategies, in MirrorTrder, is drawing a lot of attention from many Forex traders and investors. This strategy called JFX and was developed by technical analysis specialist with 6 years’ experience on Forex market.

It’s been mentioned that this strategy does not follow just some single indicator, but uses a mix of instruments and indicators such as: candle analysis, Fibonacci levels, Support and Resistance, trend recognition.

In a last month this strategy made trades using eight currency pairs, but most impressive is the result for the EURUSD pair. In total there were 98 trades made and only one of them was negative (maximum loss 171 pips). Profit – 1345 pips, average profitable trade approx. 14 pips, maximum – 56 pips. Just by looking at data above, several conclusions cold be made about this strategy. This is an active strategy that makes a lot of trades making about 3-5 trades per day, target profit per trade is about 10 to 20 pips, Take Profit orders are not used, only Stop Loss orders are used with stopping points about 200 pips.

Conclusion: JFX is a profitable strategy worthy of including it into your portfolio.

AForex analytics recommendations for improving your trading results:

  • place stop loss orders closer to your position;
  • take profit if your position yielding more than 40 pips;
  • differentiate your position using different currency pairs;
  • follow your risk management strategy.

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