Increase you profit by 30% with AMarkets

When was the last time you were offered with real money bonus? Today is the day.

This June, Amarkets is giving out real bonus, that can be withdrawn or used for trading, with some provisions of course.

The higher trading activity you show, the more bonus money will be transformed into real money. Arm yourself with our Market Sentiment Index and other advanced market indicators and made some cash for yourself.

To activate your bonus, please click on the widget in your Personal Account Area (located right above account list) and you’ll have additional Direct account opened to participate in bonus program.

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion is available till July 31st of 2015.

  • To receive your 30% Credit Bonus you have to fund newly opened Direct Account. Once your first account deposit is made, you’ll have only 24 hours window to deposit any additional amounts, that will also be eligible to 30% bonus.

  • Maximum bonus amount is $3,000.

  • Minimum deposit amount required for program participation is $200.

  • Credit Bonus will be converted into real money based on the rate of $5 per 1 lot taded. The necessary trade volume (amount of lots) to convert your credit bonus into real money can be calculated with the following formula: Credit Bonus Amount / 5 USD.

  • Bonus will be nulled if client makes withdrawal or internal transfer from his trading account throughout the promotion period. Any converted bonus money will be deposited to client’s account accordingly.

  • Trades with less then three minutes duration won’t be counted.

  • Trades on CFDs will not be counted as well.

  • Any trading losses won’t be compensated, however, after 30 days, converted amount of bonuses will be deposited to client’s trading account.

  • It is a one-time bonus and it cannot be used with other bonuses.

  • Company reserves the right to suspend bonus on client’s account without prior notice.

Should you have additional questions regarding this promo, please contact your personal account manager or our General Support Line.

AMarkets Team