Exclusive COT Sentiment Index to Determine Market Trends in AMarkets

July 14, 2016

Would you like to know about position of major participants in the futures market before start your trading? This became possible with new development from AMarkets – COT Sentiment Index! In just a few seconds you get a clear idea of the balance of power of buyers and sellers, so that you can predict what will trend in asset interesting for you.

Indicator signals are based on the commitments of traders report by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Using the COT indicator you are among the first to know about the actions of the large non-commercial traders – hedge funds, investment companies and banks, whos strategy may be associated with the opening of direct, unsecured position or arbitrage between markets, and are of greatest interest to speculative activities in the financial markets. Extreme values ​​in terms of total items for sale or purchase will prompt you about the coming turn of the market. So, at your disposal are reliable data on the sentiment of market participants who use futures tools primarily for profit.

Learn more about the [COT Sentiment Index](ссылка на отдельную страницу с индикатором на сайте, где описана механика) and begin to analyze the market using it right out of your [account area](ссылка в лк на раздел с индикатором)!