Earn Money on the Course Fluctuations of the Cryptocurrencies in AMarkets

We are happy to announce that 8 cryptocurrencies are now available for trading in AMarkets in MetaTrader 4 terminal. We are sure you will not miss the opportunity to trade digital assets that are highly volatile and are not regulated by central banks.

Main advantages of cryptocurrency trading are:

  • Cryptocurrencies are well suited for technical analysis and they predictably react on the news appearance. You can easily check that by watching the bitcoin dynamics.
  • An evident global upward trend can be tracked in some cryptocurrencies and that should be taken into account in long-term trading.
  • The time frames of traditional trading sessions do not work with cryptocurrencies, so you can trade them in a non-stop mode.
  • Today, many investors who do not trust central banks consider the cryptocurrencies to be an analog of gold and buy them in order to be protected against the economic uncertainty, recession and negative rates.

We recommend you to learn the specification of trading conditions here, before you begin trading cryptocurrencies.

We wish to remind that you can not only trade cryptocurrencies, but also replenish your account directly with bitcoin-purse!