Clients’ Profitability in March

Another month has passed and we are here with our routine report on clients’ profitability.

In March 2016, 37% of our clients were profitable, moreover, clients with accounts greater than $10,000 showed 36% success rate.

52% of the clients closed March within the range of -$100 and +$100.

Champion of the Month traded on major currency pairs and gold against the US dollar, while avoiding significant risks, using moderate leverage of up to 1:500, maximum drawdown 13%. He placed 21 trades, setting his profit-factor at 1.9.

Outsider traded major currency pairs and cross rates. He placed 173 trades showing profit-factor of 0.6, maximum drawdown 34%. The major mistakes were use of high leverage (1:300) and not placed stop orders.

We wish our clients successful trading!

AMarkets Team