Clients’ profitability in January

Another month has passed and we are here with our routine report on clients’ profitability.

In January 2015, 29% of our clients were profitable, moreover, clients with $10,000 account or more, showed 49% success rate.

The share of traders who closed January within  -$100 to +$100 range is 54%.

Champion of the Month traded EURUSD & GBPUSD using pretty high leverage of up to 1:195. He placed 32 trades, setting his profit-factor at 3.07 and win mathematical expectation at 8093.

The worst result was showed by the trader on EURUSD. He placed 98 trades, however, his profit-factor was 0.24 and win mathematical expectation went negative to 5931. The major mistakes were use of high leverage and total lack of risk management. There were no stop orders whatsoever.

We wish you success and please, control your risks!

AForex Team