Analyze COT-indicator AMarkets just got easier!

We improve our own laboratory AMarkets with technical indicators that help you to assess the market sentiment of large players and predict the trend movement more accurately. Today we are pleased to present additional opportunities of COT-indicator, which is available in your account.

What’s New?

To improve the visual experience as well as simplify the analysis, associated with the identification of differences in the underlying asset and the data of the indicator, the COT Report (Commitment of Traders) is now complemented by the price chart of the analyzed instrument. It is superimposed over the corresponding graphs of the total amount of long and short positions opened by banks and hedge funds.

How to Use?

The presence in the COT-indicator price chart will allow you to use another strategy to find trading opportunities. For example, the increase in the price of the underlying asset with a parallel increase in the long position (BUY) traders may show a high probability of a growing trend. In turn, the decline in prices observed on the background of increase in short positions (Sell) would indicate the ability to save downward dynamics of the analyzed instrument.

COT-indicator reflects the expectations of the major market participants and is based on the obligations of traders report, which published by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Reports are published every Friday and show the ratio of speculative positions on the preceding Tuesday.

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