AMarkets Presents the Top-5 Profitable Mirror Strategies for November

AMarkets Presents the Top-5 Profitable Mirror Strategies for November

In today’s review, we are looking at the 5 most successful Mirror Trader strategies for November.

The most profitable strategy in November was bigbig2000, with a profit of 6212 points, trading Gold. A total of 88 trades were conducted on the instrument, XAUUSD. They rolled in 41.84% profit. Together with high profitability this strategy is characterised by a rather risky drawdown. It reached a highest of 5211 points. This is explained by the small, for such a profitable strategy, T-score at 4.7. Despite aggressive trading, the proper use of indicators MACD, RSI, and BollingerBands, allows bigbig2000 to remain a highly profitable strategy, with an average profit on trades at 77.26 points.

Master Place is in Second Place. Trades on XAUUSD, with average profitability of 278 points raked in profit for the strategy of 5551 points. A total of 20 positions were opened, and 50% of them were closed with profit. The profit-factor in November was 2.83.

The Third Place in the rating is occupied by 2017sun. Like most leaders for November, this strategy made profit from trading Gold. 112 trades were conducted for the whole month on the XAUUSD pair, with a profit factor of 1.12. On average, profit per trade was 40.84 points. The strategy was based on indicators MACD, RSI, BollingerBands, ROC, and Parabolic. Its T-score is 4.58.

Second last, we find CALM III, with a profit of 4482 points. A profit of 44.44% was earned from the 18 trades opened on XAUUSD. The profit factor equals 2.49. The average profit from the positions was 49 points, and each trade, on average, lasted for less than a day. The advantage of this strategy is already esteemed by 43 subscribers.

Last but not least, we find OnTheRiver. Unlike other strategies in the rating, this strategy earned from trading the EURNZD currency pair. The profit from the 34 trades was 4097 points. The main advantage of this strategy is the small maximum drawdown, equal to 396 points. The T-score at 6.42 is significantly better than the T-scores of the profitable strategies at the moment. The 88.24% wins and the average profit per trade of 120 points, made this strategy the most popular in the November rating. OnTheRiver in EURNZD got 44 subscribers.