AMarkets Presents the Top-5 Successful Mirror Strategies for January 2018

February 5, 2018

In today’s review, we will look at the 5 most successful strategies in Mirror Trader for January.

In the first place of our January ratings, is strategy Limit Up, with an overall profit of 11285.5 points, (second place last month).This result was achieved in 20 trades (highest number of simultaneously open positions – 4), 75% of which were profitable; the profit factor was 2.8. The strategy is based on trend swing trading, holding positions from 1 day. Traded instrument – XAUUSD; for technical analysis, data of ParabolicSAR and Momentum indicators were used. The maximum drawdown was 3108.9 points, hence classifying strategy as medium-risk.

The strategy in second place for profitability in January is Jupiter, which is one of the oldest Mirror Trader strategies (trading period -78 months). 16 out of 17 trades on GBPUSD, were closed with a profit totalling 4854.8 points. The T-score was 7.25, and profit factor of 19.22. This result was reached by adhering to a conservative strategy, which allowed a small maximum drawdown at 266.4 points. Similar results allow consideration of the possibility of investing most of the deposits in this strategy.

Ranking third, is a well-known strategy, MahonFx. In January, the profit of the strategy was 1154,3 points, conducted 32 trades, of which 84.38% were profitable. Trade was conducted on the USDCHF pair; type of strategy – breakout of the key levels of support and resistance based swing trading (holding position for more than a day). The high profit factor – 77.41 and an extremely low drawdown – 10.6 points, make the strategy one of the most attractive for long-term investment.

API2TBX scooped up the fourth place with instrument – GBPNZD. Conducting 52 trades, from which more than 70% were profitable, the cumulative profit was 2288.9 points. The strategy is young, a little over a year, but it’s worth to look at closely, since its T-Score is quite high, the profit factor is 2.5, and the technical analysis uses the data of Stochastic, DMI, and AverageTrueRange.

Closing January, the promising strategy is Soter. The strategy was created only six months ago, but during this period, it showed excellent results (3328.7 points for 6 months). In January, Soter earned 1065.8 on the EURCAD pair. The maximum drawdown was only 153 points, profit factor – 6.2, T-Score – 9.76. The strategy trades on breakout resistance and support levels, sticking to intraday trading. Thus, Soter is an excellent candidate for a profitable, diversified portfolio.