AMarkets Presents the Top-5 Successful Mirror Strategies for February 2018

March 13, 2018

In today’s review, we will look at the 5 most successful strategies in Mirror Trader for February.

Strategy xiyanggyang, in its first month of existence, broke out into the leaders with a profit of 8273 points. The strategy is a little less than three weeks old, so the T-score was not calculated, and it has no subscribers yet. At the beginning of trading, the profit curve tipped dangerously, taking drawdown to 2691 points, but then the series of successful trades in gold (XAUUSD) led to a steady rapid growth in yield. The profit factor was 3.1. Of the 28 trades, 57.14% were profitable, the maximum number of winnings in a row was 5, and 3 losses.

Second place in February’s ratings, is strategy CandrelationRR. The profit from 29 trades with XAUUSD was at 7577 points, with a maximum drawdown of 2302 points. Neither the low profit factor equal to 2.36 nor the winning percentage of 37.93% prevented the show of an excellent result, which is associated with our highest top T-score at 9.09. A total of 29 trades were made with an average profit of 263.39 points. The maximum number of profitable trades in a row were equal to 3, and 7 losing. In seven months of trading, CandrelationRR attracted 17 subscribers.

In the third place, with a little breakaway, is strategy FerruFX, which also trades XAUUSD. The strengths of this strategy lie in the T-score of 8.10, and that it’s more constrained in comparison with the winner of risk management for February – the maximum drawdown for FerruFX was 1529 points. This attracted 17 subscribers to it for the 7 months of its existence. The percentage of wins is 43.48%, with three profitable and five losing trades in a series. The advantage of such a strategy setup helps the risk/reward ratio – on average, each trade brings FerruFX 336.96 points yield. In total, it earned 7456 points in February.

Strategy Inception – has a high T-score of 8.94, and the least in our top drawdown at 929 points. However, in February, it only got fourth place with 6294 points trading XAUUSD. The reason for this was a not so good risk/reward ratio. The win percentage, as in Second place, was 43%, and a profit factor of just 2.82. The highest number of wins as in losses – three in a series. The conservative trading style motivated 51 subscriptions for the 7 months of the strategy’s life.

Closing the February leaders is strategy Inercia. In the shortest month of the year, it earned 5818 points profit – the best result in the 5 months of its existence. In February, it closed 17 trades on XAUUSD, of which 15 of them were selling trades. The percentage of wins was relatively small, 52.63%, but this was compensated by the good profit and risk ratio. For one successful trade, Inercia earns 481 points profit on average. The maximum drawdown was 1228 points. For now, the strategies only has 5 subscribers, despite a good T-score of 8.86 and a profit factor of 4.06.