AMarkets Presents the Top-5 profitable Mirror Strategies for September

October 12, 2017

In today’s review, we are looking at five of the most successful Mirror Trader strategies for September.

For the month of September, the Jupiter, showed the highest results in profit at 3795.7 points from trading the USDCAD currency pair. This strategy is set apart by an outstandingly high T-score at 9.84. The series of the strategy’s winning trades reached a high of 9 in a row and a maximum of 7 losing trades. The average profit from a single trade stands at 119.38 points, and a total 62.96% of winning trades.

The popular strategy, TidalWave, which already has 581 subscribers, is in second place. Even though its winning percent at 66.67% is lower than, for example, API1TBX, in 4th place, the significantly high T-score at 9.53 compensates for it. The average profit from one trade is at 579.37 points. TidalWave earned 3549.4 points in profit, trading the GBPJPY currency pair only.

Owing to GBPJPY currency pair trades, TangForex earned third place, with a profit of 2209.5 points. It has an impressive percentage of wins at 81.75%. Thus, every four of its completed five trades, has an average profit of 18.69 points. In this case, the winning trades equal to 55, such that the series has 13.75 times more of losing series ( four trades in a row). Hence its T-score is not very large, at 5.34.

API1TBX took fourth place. It earned 2050 points from trading USDNOK. The highest drawdown is 603.5 points. The highest series of winning trades consists of 6 in a row, while the losing trades’ series is three times less, with only 2 trades. The percentage of wins is 76.92%, with an average of a single trade equal to 271.46 points. Amongst the top strategies presented, this strategy has the lowest T-score at  -4.92.

HotSpot, with 1989.2 points for the month completes the leading strategies. This strategy earned an average of 22.48 points for a single trade, trading the GBPUSD currency pair, and its row of winning trades reached 35. The longest series of losing trades consisted of only three trades. It is worth noting the percentage of wins at 95.15%. Its T-score is at 5.80.