AMarkets presents a new copy trading service RAMM

Updated: April 28, 2020

Dear traders!

We are pleased to present RAMM copy trading service, which allows absolutely anyone to invest in effective traders and their strategies. All you need to do is register a RAMM account, select a strategy from the rating and copy its transactions.

You don’t have to be an expert in trading to get the same results as an experienced trader.


Let’s review the main advantages of the RAMM copy trading platform:

  • wide selection of strategies (choose your strategy based on special parameters – profitability, commission%, number of investors, age of the strategy, etc.)
  • full control over the investment and risk levels. Manage your account and investments independently
  • instant withdrawal of profit from the investment (withdraw profit using any convenient payment method)
  • innovative platform and user-friendly interface. Copy trades in the web-based platform or using a mobile app on your smartphone)
  • the opportunity to become a trader and create your own strategies (show your advanced trading skills, attract investors and make money from your strategies).

And these are not all the advantages of the RAMM copy trading service. To get more detailed information about RAMM, follow the links below:

AMarkets App

AMarkets App

Free trading app for Android

Free trading app for iOS

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