AMarkets is proud to introduce its Speculative Sentiment Index

There is an old market rule, which says that in order to be profitable on the market, you must not follow the crowd. But how do we know what other traders do?    

Introducing Cayman – A unique indicator that shows the ratio of buyers and sellers in the spot forex market in real time. Index is based on AMarkets proprietary positioning information, and provides an unparalleled view of forex market sentiment. It is ranged between 0 and 100, where the security is overbought (near 100) or oversold (near zero).  However, extreme values of 100 and 0 are hardly ever reached, because there are no situations when 100% of the traders either long or short.

Indicator is free for AMarkets clients and can be accessed in My Account area.

Analyze people who analyze market and always be one step ahead!

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