62% of AMarkets Customers Have Successfully Completed Their Trading Session During the Elections in The US


US presidential election is an important event on the global geopolitical scene. The new head of the White House will change the political and economic life of the superpower undoubtedly. That will subsequently be reflected on the global economy and financial markets more than once. The results of the intermediate surveys of the population showed a minimal gap between the candidates, and all the bookies evaluated that the probability of Clinton’s victory is more than 90%. It is also necessary to note that there have never been two such an opposite personalities in the history of the electoral race. That fact have also warmed up the interest of the global community and individual traders to the elections’ results.

Expectation of the results of and the actual outcome of the election race has triggered an enormous volatility on the financial markets, which has provided a great opportunities of gaining profit to traders. Considering the importance of the event and the potential risks, AMarkets Ltd. has taken measures that have provided all the customers with the excellent market conditions for achieving profit goals and creating an additional protection for their funds. Thus, the average speed of the order execution on 8 and 9 November 2016 has not exceeded 100 milliseconds. The EURUSD spread on the ECN accounts has not exceeded 1.8 points, according to the M5 timeframe in the specified time interval. We would like to announce that 62% of customers have successfully completed the AMarkets’ trading session, during which the movement of the EURUSD pair was up to 300 points. The movement was followed by the 250 points regress. AMarkets Ltd. has proved once again that it rightfully holds the leading positions in terms of the “maximum percentage of successful customers“. We also want to present you a profitability graph based on the customer’s data statement. That customer has become one of the record-breakers of the trading session held during the US presidential elections:


Due to the political uncertainty in the US, the protective assets are gaining popularity and becoming an additional opportunity to trade on

Since Trump combines both the protectionist and the liberal views, we can assume that his presidency is going to mark a new period of radical changes in the global economy. However, before you are going to think about the global implications of the completely unpredictable Trump’s policy, we recommend you not to miss the “hot” opportunities that are now presented on the financial markets. First of all, it is necessary to mention dollar which is clearly trying to compensate its losses against yen, but that is not an easy task to do. The growth of the political uncertainty in the United States provokes traders to move in protective assets and, before the market will understand what to do next, the US currency has small chance to confront their protective competitors, such as franc, gold and yen. As long as the turbulence will not subside, the USDJPY pair is able to rewrite the multi-week lows at 101.00. The EURCHF pair is interesting too. The day before the elections in the United States, the Swiss National Bank warned that it will not allow the excessive growth of the franc against the euro due to that fact that the expensive Swiss currency is the main obstacle for the national economy. It is ready to spend the unlimited foreign exchange interventions that have been applied this morning, according to the resistance and a modest range of the EURCHF pair trades. Considering such a support the EURCHF pair could pretend to the 1.0850 growth the next few hours.

Trade well!