11 new indices are now available for trading in MT4!

We are proud to announce, that we have extended the line of trading instruments for our clients. Here are 11 new indices available for trading: 

  • Russell 2000 – A small-cap stock market index of the bottom 2,000 stocks in the the Russell 3000 index.
  • EU Stocks 50 – Europe’s leading blue-chip index for the Eurozone, provides a blue-chip representation of supersector leaders in the Eurozone. The index covers 50 stocks from 12 Eurozone countries.
  • INDIA 50 – Also called the Nifty 50 or simply the Nifty, is National Stock Exchange of India’s benchmark stock market index for Indian equity market.
  • CHNComp – The index covers stocks of Chinese corporations.
  • HUNComp – The Hungarian Traded Index (HTX) is developed by the Vienna Stock Exchange Real-time index of a selection of Hungarian shares.
  • MEXComp – The Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones (IPC) is the leading share index in Mexico. It comprises the 35 largest and most liquid companies in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, the Mexican Stock Exchange.
  • KOSP 200 – Capitalization-weighted index of 200 Korean stocks which make up 93% of the total market value of the Korea Stock Exchange.
  • CZKCASH – The Czech Traded Index (CTX) is a developed by the Vienna Stock Exchange Real-time index the most attractive Czech stocks.
  • BRAComp – Brazilian stock index.
  • W20 – Polish stock index.
  • VOLX – The VIX volatility index is an indication of the expected volatility (i.e. range) of the S&P 500 stock index for the next thirty days. The VIX is provided by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in the US, and is calculated using the near term S&P 500 options markets.

Please don’t forget, that RTS – Russian Stock Index is available for trading as well! In order to trade these instruments, please go to “Market Review” in your MT4 platform and choose “Show All” to find and select the instruments that you’d like to trade.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Sincerely yours, AForex