TOP-5 RoboX Portfolios

The algotrading service RoboX allows you to contact to profitable portfolios that automatically deal in financial markets.

There are several portfolios with the best profit ratio of the last 6 months that are offered for the selection, depending on the chosen trading purpose, risk level, and the starting balance. Analytical department of AMarkets prepares a top of 5 RoboX portfolios on a weekly basis, which aim is to help you to gain more profit even today. Despite the fact that the investment process is fully automated, you can increase the potential profit by increasing the volume of the position while copying the portfolio.

Portfolio Minimum deposit Profit for 6 months* Maximum subsidence for 6 months*
Jargon 4121 $400 118.9% -24.00%
Onyx 1116 $200 103.7% -36.4%
Emerald 1213 $100 91.8% -38.2%
Emerald 2213 $200 86.8% -21.8%
Opal 7133 $300 21.8% -23.5%
*The results were obtained during the $2000 deposit test may be vary depending on the choice of the initial amount of investment.

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Risk warning: Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Increasing leverage increases risk.