Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

What is the RoboX?

RoboX is a special trading platform for passive investments and algorithmic trading, which is based on trading algorithms. RoboX analyzes thousands of portfolios and selects the most suitable for your needs.

How much is the minimum investment amount in RoboX?

The minimum investments with which you can choose the trading portfolio is $100.

How to view the portfolios that available for investment?

  1. Open a trading RoboX account in Amarkets
  2. Run the trading RoboX platform and enter login information.
  3. Select data in the interface of the trading platform: startup capital, trading method and how would you describe yourself as a trader
  4. You will see portfolios in the results list that match the selected parameters.
Is it possible to download the platform on your PC and/or mobile device?

The access to the trading platform is via a web terminal, which opens in the browser. Use the link to log in to the web terminal.

How to connect and start using RoboX?

  1. You must register a personal account in AMarkets.
  2. Replenish a real account of RoboX in your personal account.
  3. Log in to the web terminal platform of RoboX on the link.
  4. Click on the button "Login" in the upper right corner the RoboX interface.
  5. If you came to this page first time you need to choose the option "New to RoboX? Click here" in the form fill data. If you have already opened a trading account with a broker, you must choose the option "Already have a trading account?" and enter any email address (email will be used for subsequent log in to the platform) then enter the account number and password from AMarkets and click "Register".

Accept the agreement to using the RoboX and then wait for a successful account sync RoboX with the account in AMarkets and start investing.

Why can't I see your money when I logged into RoboX?

You need to connect the Robox to your broker after succsesful registration . To do this, click on the line "Please link your account to your broker." After clicking on a row POPs up a new window where you must enter the number of the trading account opened in the company and the account password, which was sent to your email.

What information about the portfolio can I see before connecting?

Before choosing a specific portfolio you have the following information:

  1. Profit/loss in percentage since the opening of the portfolio.
  2. The level of risk in percent.
  3. Recommended size of the deposit for use of the portfolio.
  4. Financial instruments that are traded.
  5. Live trade signals portfolio.
  6. The history of trading signals since inception of the portfolio.
  7. The creation date of the portfolio, the number of trading instruments in the portfolio, the total number of closed transactions and update period of the portfolio.
What does mean "Execution of the current signals portfolio" when adding a new portfolio?

If you leave a tick opposite "Join current signals of packages", you are in the job current positions of the portfolio would be immediately visible in your account at the market price. Removal of a tick means that the portfolio will not open existing work positions and will wait for the new appropriate signals to open in your account.

How to choose a portfolio in RoboX?

Select a strategy and connect the trading portfolio at the begin. You can choose the strategy based on trading methods: "Minimizing Loss" or "Maximizing Gain".
Next, select a strategy, based on risk (utilization of the trading account):

  • - Conservative (low level of risk and profitability)
  • - Moderate (average level of risk and profitability)
  • - Aggressive (high level of risk and profitability)

So you have 6 trading strategies to choice, based on the size of the deposit, financial priorities and your character (if you can safely treat a temporary drawdown or better * to limit their losses). The system will automatically open and close positions after selecting of the trading portfolio based on the strategy of this portfolio.

How to open a position in Robox?

You don't need to open the position. The platform operates in automatic mode and carry out positions in accordance with the chosen strategy.

Can I manage the open positions?

Yes, you can. RoboX allows you to choose 3 modes of open positions:

  1. "Automatic" – the system opens and closes a position without your confirmation.
  2. "Require Confirmation" – the system sends you the request to open the position and you can either confirm it or reject it. Please note that this may lead to a deterioration of the performance of the portfolio and permit applications.
  3. "On Hold" – any new positions will be blocked. The closing of the old positions will occur in accordance with the settings of the portfolios."
Can I limit my losses?

Yes, there is a special "Account control" Guard function that will help you to limit losses. When you reach the balance amount set in the settings of the "Guard" function, all current positions will be closed and the Guard function will become inactive. However, all future signals of the added portfolios will be opened. In addition you will receive a notification on your e-mail of Guard's operation. Note that the Guard amount corresponds exactly to the value of the balance at which point the positions will be closed but not to the amount of funds. That is, if the open positions have a negative floating financial result, which can lead to a Stop Out, the Guard function will not work.
Example: Your balance is $1000, you select a portfolio for copying and activate the "Account Control" Guard function, setting the balance value to $900. Suppose that you have connected the portfolio at the time of a negative correction of financial instruments and the robot closed part of the previously opened positions at a loss of $120. Accordingly, when the account balance reaches $880, the Guard function will close all remaining positions and deactivate the selected portfolios, after which you will be notified by e-mail that the Guard function has triggered.

Is it possible to select multiple portfolios for trading?

Yes, you can choose several trading portfolios with the different strategy.

How to view closed positions of my account?

Select the menu item "Closed positions". You can choose a specific period of time, choose to "Group by Package" or "No grouping" report on trading portfolios. The report can be viewed in the trading platform or export to Excel. In the Excel file provided extended information: you can see the open and close positions, and the time of their execution.

How to see open positions of my account?

Go to "Open positions" to view open positions. You can upload data through open position in Excel format and view the instrument name, price and time of the position opening.

Can I close open positions on their own?

You can close orders that are in process.
Go to "Open positions". You will see on the right a button "Close position". You can close positions as the entire portfolio or for each position separately.
To close only one position out of the entire portfolio, click on the name of the portfolio to reveal the list of open items. Select the position and right click "Close position".

Where will I receive the notification if I want to control the opening and closing positions?

Notifications can come to your smartphone or email. To configure the notification delivery method in the menu item "account Settings", then "Notifications".

Can I remove the trading portfolios, when there are open positions?

Yes, you can remove your current trading portfolio. Open the Summary section, click on the name of the portfolio, click the "Delete portfolio" at the end of the portfolio information . This platform offers you the choice to close all open positions of the removed portfolio, or leave them open. If you decide to leave the position open they will be closed according to signals strategies.

How much commission is charged while investing with RoboX?

The commission for using RoboX is $15 per lot.