RoboX is a service of smart investment

RoboX is a simple to use service which automatically performs transactions in financial markets. You get profit without any extra effort.

RoboX is designed specifically to make the work of traders and investors in the financial markets more profitable and less time-consuming. The main distinctive feature of the service and part of its main function is the analysis of the more than one million trading algorithms written by professional algorithmic traders. It chooses a few optimal strategies and generates of these individual portfolio, so all you need to do is choose the most suitable.

RoboX is one of the best developments of algorithmic trading today. It will help you to automate routine actions and exclude the influence of emotions on the outcome of the trade and besides, your investments are under effective control of “smart” robot, which increases the number of profitable trades and decreases losing during each trading session.

If you will try the new service of successful investing today you’d never want to go back to technical analysis, manual robot control and independent search of good strategies.

The advantages of RoboX
  • Simpleness
    You may start investing putting only 3 parameters and get the profitable individual portfolios.
  • Intelligence
    The powerful tool hides of the simplicity that analyze thousands of trading algorithms to create an individual portfolio.
  • Modernity
    Robox operates independently. You don’t need to keep your computer turned on or to be on the Internet.
  • Automation
    RoboX analyzes the market situation and automatically adjusts deals, saving up to 97% of the time for you.
How does RoboX work?

«It’s not a secret for anybody that modern life is tightly connected with technology. This postulate is characteristic of the most chaotic in the world environment of financial markets. The effectiveness of each of the investment process has long been defined by the presence of a clear system of algorithm that you want to follow, suppressing any display of emotion.

Robox is one of the most advanced solutions in the field of algorithmic trading and an automated program of smart services. The advantage key of this service is the possibility to choice from a huge database of trading strategies the one that best matches to the individual preferences of each trader on constantly changing marketing conditions.”

Artem Deev, senior analyst at Amarkets

Up to 92% for 6 months!

The profitability of one of the “Jasper 3213” portfolios exceeded 90% for the last 6 months

Still thinking whether to use RoboX?
Your investment without RoboX
  • You have to spend your time searching for suitable trading tools and analysis of their yield.
  • You will have to take care of how to diversify risks in the portfolio.
  • Increases psychological and emotional pressure that may adversely affect the results of your trade.
  • Trading results depend directly on your experience and the quality of analysis of market conditions. If you are a beginner, then, alas, the chance to achieve positive results is very small.
Your investment with RoboX
  • You no longer need to worry about how to assemble the right portfolio. RoboX will provide you with the most profitable portfolios that fit your strategy.
  • The portfolios instruments are selected in such a way that if one makes a loss, others generate big profit.
  • RoboX has no emotions and makes decisions based on the analysis of the current market situation. It has no greed and it always fix profit and close losing trades on time.
  • You do not need to constantly monitor what is happening on the market. Thousands of algorithms used in RoboX analyze the market and take the right decision, adapting to the situation.

How to start?

The terms of trade correspond to the type of account the Direct market execution and have a fee for using this service, $15 per lot.

Terms and conditions for Using the «Robox» Service
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